Ways to prevent kidney failure with Ayurvedic medicine for kidney disease

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Chronic kidney disease means damage to the kidney that gets worse over time. Prolonged damage to the kidneys can affect the filtering units of the kidneys which can inevitably increase the chance of kidney failure.  To some patients, dialysis and transplants are suggested while some patients can easily get recovered with Ayurvedic medicine for kidney disease.


Chronic kidney disease means damage to the kidneys that gets worse over time and can progress to kidney failure if left untreated for an extended time period.  A diseased kidney can’t filter waste from the body and starts accumulating fluids inside the tissues. The result can be quite devastating for the patients as it eventually progresses to kidney failure which requires dialysis to maintain life. Ayurvedic medicines for kidney disease are equally effective when it comes to improving the health of the diseased kidney.

What causes CKD?

Chronic kidney disease is caused by a number of health conditions that affected your kidney slowly over time.  Such conditions include:

·         Glomerulonephritis: It is a group of diseases that cause permanent damage to the filtering units of the kidney. Such diseases include nephrotic syndrome or proteinuria and you cannot get rid of waste from the body when your filtering units are affected.

·         Diabetes: Diabetes is a leading risk factor for kidney disease.  About one-third of patients with diabetes progress to kidney failure if they don’t get their kidney tested. But by taking some steps such as maintaining blood pressure level and Ayurvedic medicine for kidney disease you can maintain the health of your kidney.

·         Uncontrolled blood pressure: Another prominent cause of kidney failure among the generation is hypertension. High blood pressure affects the veins and arteries which in return affect the flow of blood inside the body. High blood pressure causes heart attacks, strokes, and chronic kidney disease.

·         Some inherited diseases such as polycystic kidney disease that causes the sac-like membrane to develop within and at the lining of the kidney. There can be thousands of cysts inside the kidneys that damage the surrounding tissues. However, cysts are noncancerous and can be cured with the help of Ayurvedic medicine for kidney disease.

·         There are certain infections that impact the functioning of the kidney and include lupus, hepatitis B and C.                                                                                         ·         Blockage in the urinary tract also causes the urine to flow backward and thus causes fluid retention.                                                                                             ·         Obesity is another common factor that impacts the health of the kidney.

What are the symptoms of chronic kidney disease?

Kidney failure is the last stage of chronic kidney disease and this is why you may not notice any subtle signs in the initial stages of CKD. But if you don’t take a definite treatment like Ayurvedic medicine for kidney disease, you will progress more quickly.

  • Signs that should not be missed are:
  • ·         Feeling tired all the time
  • ·         Trouble concentrating
  • ·         Dry or itchy skin
  • ·         A reduced amount of urine
  • ·         Need to urinate more often
  • ·         Muscle cramp at night
  • ·         Swelling in the face, ankles, and around the eyes

How to prevent kidney disease

In order to prevent chronic kidney disease from getting severe, it is mandatory for the patient to work on the underlying causes of kidney failure. Although the damage cannot be fixed, and by taking certain precautionary steps you can improve your overall health.

Ways to prevent kidney failure are:

  • ·         If you have diabetes and high blood pressure that caused your kidney to get damaged, then work with your ayurvedic specialist to take Ayurvedic medicine for kidney disease.
  • ·         Live a healthy lifestyle to prevent obesity and other causes from growing in the body
  • ·         Follow a low-salt diet and low-fat diet as they pressurize your kidneys
  • ·         Cut down a high level of protein from the body as suggested by your doctor
  • ·         Prohibit yourself from smoking or drinking alcohol
  • ·         Talk to your doctor about how much water you should take each day

If you diagnose kidney damage early then you can prevent kidney failure easily by following preventive measures.  If your kidney fails, then you might need dialysis and transplant in order to survive.

Karma Ayurveda

Karma Ayurveda is a renowned kidney care unit in Delhi that provides Ayurvedic medicine for kidney disease and kidney failure. Along with the medicine, the dieticians at Karma Ayurveda also provide a diet plan that can help increase kidney’s output. If you want to heal your health with herbal extracts then consult us.

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