Ways to get Involved in Campus during First Year

by Rohit Kumar education consultant - MBA,BBA,PGDM and Executive

The first year on the campus is very exciting for a student. No matter how far from home you are, life in college is entirely different from high school, and it can be a huge adjustment, especially during your first semester.  One of the best ways to get through this often unsettling time is to get involved on campus. Although you go to campus to learn, it is also beneficial to get involved in one or more communities on campus. Participating in student organizations and field events are often a good thanks to getting to grasp your college, make friends, build a professional network and have some fun along the way. Given below are some of the ways to get involved in campus life.

1.       Attend Campus Events: Many colleges and universities host frequent campus events, including lectures, music, theater performances, movie screenings, dances and more. These square measure generally free for college kids, offer a chance to meet new people and are a safer alternative to wild college parties.

2.        Join or Start a Club: Most colleges and universities have numerous student-run campus clubs. These generally embody interest-based teams (from the change of state to comics) and activity-based teams (hiking or dancing, anyone?). Are you enthusiastic about a particular political or social cause? College campuses have long been necessary political centers, and sharing your beliefs can be a good way to connect with other students and maybe even change a few minds. Options range from running a weekly meeting to set up a booth at a student fair to staging peaceful protests on campus. Check with your student services center to learn more about joining existing student organizations or the process to start your own.

3.        Participate in Student Government: Not only can joining student government help you meet more people and get involved with important campus matters; it's great for your resume. You'll gain leadership skills, make connections with a diverse body of students and be able to demonstrate that you participated in a central decision-making activity. Not solely that, but you will also hear about upcoming events on campus that you can get out and attend.

4.       Hang out in the common areas: Spend some time in open spaces on the campus instead of immediately heading to your room and shutting the door. It’s an easy way to connect with new friends and get to know your campus better.

5.       Go into academic research: if it something that interests you, you should research as an undergraduate. Getting a lot of concern on your campus' tutorial life may be a nice plan, especially if you are considering graduate work later on. Lots of research projects need assistants. Pick a department that interests you, ask to meet, and express your desire to work on academic research as an undergrad. You will develop connections, build that network, and take a deep dive into the exciting world of academe. Go for it!

6.       Volunteer: Serving your campus community often requires you to serve the greater community, too. Check out your student activities workplace or volunteer workplace for opportunities. You never know what you might find -- but you are guaranteed to find other students like you who care about helping others.

7.       Get out to Study: The library is a good place to get in study time because you can focus better when everyone else is also studying. You might like a coffeehouse or the field union as your study headquarters. Try out different locations to examine what works best for you. Just don’t study in your dorm or apartment. Your grades will suffer if you try to study in the same place your friends are playing.

8.       Experience College Days: As a college student, it’s easy to get caught up in passing your classes. But with all the main focus on GPA, you might miss one simple fact: College is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You only get one chance at living within the dorms, meeting such a large amount of new folks in such a brief amount of your time and taking part in brew stench indiscriminately parties. Revel in those moments and take the time to enjoy yourself, because these years fly by too quickly.

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