Warning signs: Your boiler needs repairs

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Boiler problems are stressful, especially if they appear during the cold months of winter. If you do not address the problems immediately you notice them, they can be dangerous. The best way to avoid experiencing boiler issues is to maintain it properly. You may not be an expert, and you may find difficult to notice when something is wrong, this is why it is advisable to do research to find out what the warning signs of problems are. If you repair it in time, you avoid possible dangers, save money and you stay away from inconveniences. This article will point you out the main warning signs you have to pay attention.

The energy bills are higher than usually
Some people do not associate this sign with a boiler problem, but you should know that often the energy bills increase because the boiler is not as effective as it used to be. In case, it functions at 70% or, even lower, it requires repairs. You can opt for a boiler rental until you have it fixed, because it will help you save money. It is advisable to carry a full service on the boiler annually, to make sure that it is ready for the cold season.

You can sense strange smells
This is one of the warning signs that should really worry you, because it is commonly known that gas kills. If you notice a strange smell coming from the boiler, then you should not have second thoughts if to call an expert or not. Gas contains carbon monoxide and sulphur. Carbon monoxide does not have an odour, but sulphur does, and you will definitely feel it. Choose boiler rentals if you do not afford to fix the boiler. Your life is priceless.

You notice water leaks
As you already know, water damage can devastate a house, therefore you have to regularly check the boiler, to see if it experiences moisture or water leaks. In the majority of cases, the leaks are the signs of greater problems, like the malfunctioning of an internal part, so you should not ignore them. An engineer should examine your boiler and determine what the problem is.

It takes longer to heat the water
When you turn on the hot water, you should immediately feel its temperature. If the boiler has difficulties in heating the central heating system or the water, then it definitely has a circulation issue. It requires repairs to function at the proper level.

You hear strange noises
Sometimes the boiler does not show signs that it does not function at its best, but you can hear it. Strange noises are not something common with boilers, and you should not ignore them. Boilers do make noises, but if you have it for some time, you will learn to differentiate the usual noises from the strange ones. If you hear mechanical noises, like the ones of clunking or knocking, or water related noises, like gurgling, it is advisable to have it checked.

Do not leave unattended boiler problems, because they can cause permanent damage, and it can cost you more than repairing them.

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