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No business is complete without an enterprise phone system. Whether it’s a small business with ten employees or hundreds of customers, the consumer-grade services are just not enough. Every business needs a robust business phone system with different features to meet their business needs. Traditional phones, unfortunately, don’t allow you to choose the most beneficial features that your business needs. You either have to pay for every feature you need or you will have to get ad-hoc tools. Unfortunately, even the features that you do get are limited by technology. 

           It is a fact the traditional phone systems have become outdated and have very little to offer. This is one of the many reasons for Voice over IP phones' popularity. VoIP phone services have a lot to offer than just transferring calls or music on hold. If you don’t know how VoIP can contribute to your business then get ready. We are going to share with you ten VoIP features that can add great value to your business. 


9 office phone features available with VoIP Business


1. Virtual phone numbers


The first and most important feature that a business needs from a phone system is phone numbers. A traditional landline number is connected to a physical address and you cannot use it unless you are in the office. Contrarily, virtual phone numbers are not restricted to a physical location. You can buy and use these phone numbers with any area code you want, from any location.


 VoIP Business service provider offers virtual phone numbers with a wide range of area codes in the UK. You can use these phone numbers in different ways. Start operations or market research in a location where you don’t an office. You can buy a local number to show your customers that you are approachable, even if your office is located somewhere else. Often businesses also use virtual phone numbers to run a different ad campaign and to observe which of them gets a better return. This is a great way to see which marketing campaign does better for generating new leads. 

2. Voicemail


Voicemail is an old feature that has gotten an update with VoIP. Voicemail transcription allows you to get voicemail in text right in your inbox. Your employees can quickly respond to customer queries without having to dial a number for listening to voicemail messages. When you combine transcription with voicemail, you get a powerful feature. This voicemail update brings in the 21st-century digital tools like instant messaging and email. 


3. Call recording


Another really important feature for businesses is call recording. Every business records call for different reasons. From training new employees to quality assurance, recording all or specific calls becomes a necessity. In fact, a majority of companies operate in industries where call recording is mandatory under the legislation. With the Internet telephone, you can record calls easily.


4. Conference calling


Conference calling is not a new feature but the way Business VoIP has made it easy and quick is new. You can hold virtual meetings with your employees and clients. With this feature alone your business can save thousands of pounds every year. Not to mention the time that you can save on traveling. Conference calling is an essential feature, especially during a crisis like the one we are facing now, The Coronavirus/ COVID-19 pandemic. In such times employees work from home so a single audio call can be converted into a conference call and vice-versa. Also, you can add users or remove them based on your needs. 


5. Contact directory


VoIP Business provides an integrated contact directory that gets updated automatically. It includes more information compared to a traditional phone system. Businesses can give employees their phone numbers when moving to a new location. This way, the contact directory will stay up-to-date throughout additions, deletions, and moves. 

6. Hold music


Nobody likes to be put on hold. With Free VoIP UK, you can record custom audio clips or can upload any music file they want. You can create a custom playlist tailored to your audience. For instance, if your business’s target audience is teenagers then you can focus on pop music. On the other hand, if your audience is older then you could use classical music. 


7. IVR

Every large business has an Interactive Voice Response. This is an enterprise calling feature and most small businesses can’t afford it. But VoIP Business brings this professional feature to all businesses. You can use IVR to create a better impression on customers and to convey a sense of professionalism. You can offer superior services to your customers even if you have a lack of resources. 


8. Ring groups


Another interesting feature for businesses is ring groups. You can create several ring groups based on projects, departments, and ad-hoc teams. It is a great way to distribute calls amongst 

Ring groups are another interesting feature offered by VoIP services. With this feature, you can ensure all agents get a fair chance at new leads. Or ensure that incoming calls are distributed among all customer service agents. VoIP Business offers flexible ring groups. You can choose an order to ring the devices and the duration for which every device rings and what to do if the call isn’t answered. 


9. Emergency Calling 


Traditional phones offer a way for users to reach emergency services. Since every phone number has an address attached, the dispatchers can send workers to help even if the caller can’t give a location. VoIP phones struggled with emergency services in the beginning. But now, VoIP business offers emergency services. By means, you can attach an address with your account so that the emergency services are a call away. Now you can protect your employees, no matter where they are. 

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