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The first cars produced at the turn of the 20th century could hardly be recognized as roadworthy compared to the cars on the highway today, but as forerunners of the great automobile industry, they broke the ice and overcame many of the manufacturing and even cultural obstacles of the time. New to the market, there were no properly paved roads suitable for the first cars and nighttime driving was made dimly possible by striking a match tucked inside the headlights. The lack of windscreens and doors made the ride susceptible to the weather, but the popularity of a motorized vehicle did catch on. The era of horse drawn carriages and animal powered farm implements were on the verge of being replaced by cars and tractors. Without factories set up to produce the first vintage cars however, they were quite expensive and only the wealthiest citizens could afford the privilege of trying out the individually made cars at that time. As their popularity grew, the styles and efficiency continued to improve by adding closed bodies, controls that were standardized and internal combustion engines to replace the hand-cranked front engines. Those simple but classic cars that were produced up until the 1930s are now referred to as vintage cars and as such have become collector's items as well as a worthy asset for investors from the emerging markets.

Vintage Favorites

One of the all time favorites and most well remembered of the vintage cars is the Model T, which was given the pen name Tin Lizzie. This was the first car that was affordable so it spread the popularity of motorized vehicles as more people were able to buy them. The Model T underwent many alterations and updates during its production period that lasted 19 years. The two-geared vehicle even won the title of "Car of the Century" in 1999 as it competed with the ever-popular Volkswagen Beetle, the Porsche 911 and the Mini. Other favorites of the era include the Ford Model A, the Austin 7, the Bugatti Type 35 and the Cadillac V-16.

Vintage Cars as a Sound Investment

In the midst of a gloomy economic outlook, there has been a steep trend of late to buy vintage cars as a respectable investment that can yield high profits. Buying collector's cars for an investment, however, demands more stringent requirements and in-depth research than collecting as a hobby. In the short-term investment market, the vehicle must have a market value that is expected to rise in the near future. To keep the investment long-term, the buyer must also take into account the expenses involved in insurance, storage and maintenance. The antique vehicles that are rare due to a certain production problem tend to be more rare and thus, more costly. When buying for investment, we at Leland West Insurance suggest you to explore the current market trends because the demand for certain models will be reflected in both the purchase price and the resale value.

Pleasure from Owning a Vintage Car

Individuals who buy vintage cars for pleasure spend a lot of their free time taking care of the car and keeping it in good running condition so they can drive it. While it is time consuming and can be costly, they claim the pleasure of driving a vintage car makes it worthwhile. It is difficult to find an original vintage car that is in tip top shape but many of them have been restored to their original condition by their owners. Vintage car enthusiasts take great care in purchasing and caring for them to retain their beauty as well as their value. There are vintage car clubs that put their cars on display periodically or they organize benefit parades to support local hospitals or schools. Rare models of vintage cars can also be seen in specialty museums across the globe.

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