Various concepts of Masonic ring in Freemasonry

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Upon joining Freemasonry, one of the oldest and secular fraternal organizations; there are certain rules and regulations that a person needs to follow. This organization stands on a core set of values such as peace, goodness, charity and equality among mankind that the Masons both believe in and preach. The members of the Freemasons also wear special garments and accessories that are termed as Masonic regalia. While attending the Lodge meetings and ceremonial functions, a Mason wears a certain dress code and regalia. Masonic regalia are pieces of clothing and jewelry which include aprons, gloves, rings, pocket watches, sashes, jewels, cufflinks and much more. Freemasons wear these regalia to exemplify their feeling of pride and commitment towards their organization. Some of the regalia are awarded by the Lodge to its members while others Freemasons can purchase them based on their taste, budget and preference. They all can vary in prices based on the design and details present on them.

Masonic rings

Out of all, one of the most popular regalia is Masonic Ring that holds high significance in Freemasonry. They are the important jewelry piece that can be worn to signify the Lodge in general or the specialized pieces that reflect the particular order you are involved with. Each order has its own signs and symbols. However, the square and compass being the standard symbol of all the Masonic Lodges across the world.

Masonic rings are elegantly designed jewelry pieces that brethren wear on day to day basis as well as when they attend Lodge meetings. They are crafted with great detail and the most popular materials used for making them are titanium, gold, silver, stainless steel among others. The newly appointed apprentices can be seen wearing rings with traditional designs. As they grow in the organization and reach the next degrees, they can definitely get their rings custom-made. As far as the price range is concerned, they can vary from one piece to another. One can choose the ring depending on their taste and budget. If you are planning to give a Masonic ring as gift to a family member or friend who is part of this fraternity, you can get them customized too. For adding a personal touch of yours, you can also get a message engraved on the interior part of the band.  

The Masonic ring has various concepts in Freemasonry. In old times, only signet rings were used in Freemasonry that was used to certify the documents. The envelopes in which the documents were kept were sealed with a patch of hot wax and on top of that, the face of the ring was dipped to leave the mark of the signet.

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