Antique Masonic ring – A sign of years of commitment and membership to Freemasonry

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Masonic jewelry is worn as a sign of membership to Freemasonry. A person wearing different sorts of Masonic regalia can be surely linked to this fraternal organization. Masonic regalia are clothing and jewelry items that can be purchased by Masons themselves or they are passed down as family heirlooms. They can be gifted also by a Mason to his fellow brothers as a symbol of their bond and appreciation.

Important facts related to this interesting and unique Masonic tradition.

The Brotherhood 

Freemasonry is believed to have the longest history as an organization across the globe. Till date, it is the largest and most revered fraternal organization. Stone Masons were the founding fathers of this organization and they had associations referred to as guilds. At that time, Stone Masons used to build churches, cathedrals and other buildings. The first Grand Lodge was formed in London in the year 1717. But even centuries before that, the use of some terms, sign and symbols of Freemasonry were seen. In the late 19th and 20th century, Masons made sure to take care of the orphans, elderly and widows when the system offered no protection for them. Nowadays, it is not necessary for a person to have masonry as his profession in order to be a member of this fraternity. These days, the principles of this fraternity focus on relief, brotherly love, self-awareness and charity. Many public schools have been created across Europe and America by the charity works of Freemasons. A lot of theories rotate around the Freemasons and many movies and books have also been based on them.

The Symbols

One of the most important aspects of Freemasonry is its symbols. They are used to depict the degree that the member holds in the organization, the Lodge to which the member belongs and also what the Mason wants to say about his membership. The most commonly seen and used symbols of Freemasonry are the square and compass. They are a representation of the cornerstone of Freemasonry. In the center of these symbols of tools, the letter “G” is placed which stands for geometry, a principle on which Freemasonry is based. It also represents “God” - the original architect of this universe. Some of the other used symbols of Freemasonry include the plumb, level, trowel and columns. 

The Jewelry

There is a number of Masonic jewelry that a Mason can wear to designate his membership to a Masonic Lodge. Some of the jewelry items include rings, pendants, necklaces, jewels, cufflinks, pocket watches etc. Undoubtedly, the most traditional out of them all are the signet rings. There are also cases where Antique Masonic Ring is passed down as family heirloom. All the pieces of Masonic jewelry are a great way to recognize the pride and dedication that the Masons have for their brotherhood.

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