Vaping as a Means of Artistic Expression

by Kevin Smith Author

Art exists all around us. Any expression of humanity, creativity, and imagination is a form of art. Artists create using paintbrushes, stone, or pen and paper. In fact, any material can be a means to make art, even a vape mod. Vape tricks have created a community and art form.

If you have ever blown a smoke ring or browsed a vape shop in Providence, RI, you have probably heard of Titus Edwards. Edwards, also known as King Titus. 

King Titus hails from Houston, TX. He has been vaping for years and has turned the simple act of exhaling into an art form. While some people might think vape art is not a real thing, a quick peek at King Titus' Instagram account shows a true artist at work.

 Beautiful Tricks

One of his Instagram videos shows a succession of beautiful and complicated tricks. In one pass, he waves his hand through a single smoke ring and transforms it into three rings. As the three rings spin and dissolve, he performs a graceful backward pirouette.  

 YouTube Famous

King Titus has grown in popularity. he has recently been featured on the Super Deluxe YouTube channel. In one mesmerizing moment from this video, King Titus blows a plume of smoke through a floating smoke ring, then uses his hands to pull the smoke around the still-floating ring in ribbon-like tendrils. The whole video is an elegant dance of breath, air, and hands.  

 How Does He Do That?

King Titus has hours of practice under his belt. Like the true artist that he is, he spends time in practice every day to keep his skills sharp. Although the average person may not be able to make the flowing, artful designs King Titus can make, the basics of vape art are easy to learn. 

 Smoke Rings

The basic, foundational trick for vape art is the smoke ring. To create a smoke ring, inhale from your vape and pull the vapor into your throat. Keep your tongue at the bottom of your mouth, towards the back of your throat. Make an ‘O’ shape with your lips. Push a small amount of vapor out using your throat in a short contracting motion, like you have a subtle cough. The size of your smoke ring will roughly correspond to the size of the 'O" you make with your mouth.

 Once this basic trick is mastered, there is an infinite number of variations using breath and your hands to shape and train the smoke. You may not have the skills of King Titus, but with a little practice, you can impress your friends at the vape shop in Providence, RI.



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