UV Light Bulbs Keep Your Homes Pathogen Free

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UV technology has grown advanced in the recent years and has become more reliable. These days UV systems can be used in a number of ways. In the recent years, the use of UV lamps has grown exponentially in the health care industries to disinfect the rooms. They are easy to use and broad efficiency.

How Ultra-violet Bulbs Kill Germs?

UV light exists within the light spectrum which is between 10 and 400 nm. However, the germicidal range of UV is within 100-280 nm and the peak wavelength when germs become active maximally is 265 nm. This UV range of light gets absorbed by the RNA or DNA of the microbes which damages their RNA or DNA structure and do not let the microbes replicate so they turn inactive because cell which cannot reproduce is considered to be as good as dead.

How fresh and Pathogen-free are Your Rooms with UV Lamps?

Ultra-violet light has been proved to be very effective for so many microbes. Different types of viruses and bacteria are susceptible to radiations. Both Fungi and Bacteria contain DNA and are susceptible to damage on exposure of UV light. UV light bulb and starter for Fresh Air by EcoQuest have long been used for disinfection and they kill both bacteria and virus.  Normally, bacteria are easily to eliminate than viruses. Spores and fungus are even tougher to be eliminated they do not get easily inactivated by UV rays.

They are safe and Eco-friendly:

UV disinfection is very effective. Some people are apprehensive about their being hazardous to the skin and eyes and say that their direct exposure can be immensely harmful. The harmful UV-C rays are blocked by a number of materials that include glass system. Not only this, they are eco-friendly also because there are no toxic or dangerous chemicals involved in it, there is no question of harmful by-product emission. UV bulbs are safe for the environment as they do not need any special disposal methods like chemical containing bulbs.
Benefits of UV Light Bulb:

Owing to their overtly simple nature, the disinfection caused by the Ultra-violet lamps is very easy to understand. All the surfaces around the bulb get disinfected and pathogen free by this light bulb. Apart from that, it has an added advantage. Unlike the normally used bulb it is not filled up with chemical mixture and hence they are risk free, eco friendly and do not require any special disposal method.

Those who are conscious about their budget, has great news. These UV light bulb and starter for Fresh Air by EcoQuest do not cost you much, as the entire system of UV-C treatment costs you lesser than two cents. The entire system needs hardly any maintenance as it is very simple in nature. UV bulb lasts for thousands of years with little maintenance.

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