LED light bulbs to buy four steps

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Almighty latest technology 7W LED bulb brightness equivalent to a 60W incandescent one and saving more than 85%, the service life of 15 years, you can quickly switch 50,000 times, which eliminates the trouble of frequent replacement of the bulb. As people live respected green energy, environmental protection, light, and bright and long life and energy-saving LED bulbs to become known for lighting choice for more and more ordinary families. However, faced with a wide variety of LED bulbs, consumers should be how to choose it?

The first step: product packaging looked at him

Regular LED bulb products, product packaging must be parameter index, manufacturers, origin, contact information, and logo. Through product packaging, consumers can first understand the brightness, light colors, such as the purchase of energy-saving and life factors are most concerned about, and thus the right to choose their own products. Without these logos on product packaging, as compared to the non-formal product, the product quality is difficult to be assured that consumers find in the course of the bulb is also difficult to find businesses damaged after-sales service. Therefore, consumers prior to purchase LED bulbs carefully read the product to be packaged.

Step Two: Pick up the bulb carefully observed

LED reading lamp product packaging, the next step in relation to look out bulbs, touch, shake, a quiz. First, take a look at the appearance of the lamp, its overall appearance should be smooth and evenly without scratches; Second hand touch the bulb surface everywhere, should be smooth, no obvious stab hand feeling; once again, forced to shake the bulb, the internal there should be no noise, such as the internal ring, probably because it has no fixed inside the lamp assembly or debris, can easily cause a short circuit and damage the internal lighting fixtures; Finally, requiring businesses in the relatively dark environment lighting LED bulbs, observe its light color and brightness, as well as the stability of the light emitted by the lamp, the light color is uniform, the light is comfortable on the eyes. Explosion-proof led exit signs

The third step: safety and environmental protection do both

LED bulbs as a household appliance, its security is a top priority. Therefore, consumers must choose national product quality certification of LED products, be sure to check product safety certification (eg GB certification and CE certification, etc. ), only the safety certification of products made in the safety, performance, and quality can only be guaranteed. These flags will generally appear on the product packaging or the product manual inside the box, consumers should carefully review the selection of LED bulbs.

Green is also an important factor to be considered optional LED light bulbs, LED bulbs no qualified infrared, ultraviolet radiation, mercury, and other substances may be harmful to health, nor harm the environment when disposed of. For an increasing emphasis on environmental protection, consumers can pay attention to the relevant identification when purchasing the product packaging. best led headlights

Step Four: Considering the need to first

Philips LED Light Source Division, Product Marketing Manager, Asia Pacific Lujin Qing believes that every family 's space environment is not the same, consumers should choose the appropriate LED bulb according to the environment, rather than the brighter the better, nor is it the more expensive the better. In addition, the brightness of different places in need living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc. are not the same, only the appropriate mix of different brightness or color of LED light bulbs, in order to create a cozy or bright and clean clear purpose different home lighting environment.

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