Using Hotel Quality Mattresses for a Good Sleep Cycle

by Park Yin Blogger

Having a quality mattress is essential if we want to have a good night's sleep. But whether you opt for a memory foam mattress, a hotel quality mattress, or a simple pocketed spring mattress, the crucial thing to consider is that the mattress you have chosen will match your sleeping style. So how do we choose the perfect mattress match to our sleeping cycle?

First, we need to understand what does sleep cycle means. As we all know, sleep is regulated by our internal body clock which comprise an average night's sleep of four to five sleep cycles. There are five stages in a sleep cycle. The first stage is relatively light sleep, transitioning from wakefulness and sleep. Muscle activity slows and most awareness of the surrounding environment is lost. The second stage is when true sleep lasting about 20 minutes occur, the largest part of the sleep cycle. Your body temperature drops, while breathing and heart rates slow down. All awareness of your environment is lost. Stages 3 and 4 are transitional periods between light sleep and a very deep sleep. Finally, the fifth stage, also known as Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, is characterised by eye movement, shallow and rapid breathing, and relaxed muscles. This is when the clearest dreams occur because of your brain's increased activity. Stage 5 provides energy to your brain and body for the day ahead.

Knowing this cycle will help us decide how we choose the right mattress for us while we consider the following.


Choosing the largest bed that you can afford is the most ideal. The length of the mattress and bed should be 10 to 15cm longer than the tallest person sleeping on it in order to provide a good sleep cycle. This is because you are given ample space to rest so that your sleep will not be disturbed.


How firm the mattress you choose is depends on the position you sleep in. If you lie on your stomach, a firm mattress will help keep your spine aligned. Meanwhile, if you sleep on your back, a mattress of medium firmness is recommended because it can provide support for your spine, back and neck, as well as extra comfort. If you sleep on your side, you will need a soft mattress that can support and contour to your body's curves.


A mattress' padding provides the comfort. Hotel quality mattresses use exotic and comfortable materials like silk, wool, cashmere, premium foams and latex. At the cheaper end, materials include lower grades of foam and rebounded cotton fibres.

1) Pocketed spring mattresses comprise of a core of metal springs covered by foam and padding.

2) Mattresses made of latex (natural rubber) are expensive but can be expected to last up to 20 years, around double the normal lifespan of a spring mattress. Latex mattresses are less likely to carry mould and bugs, which is a benefit for allergy sufferers.

3) A 'memory foam' mattress will keep your shape for a while after you get off it. Also known as 'viscoelastic', this special foam mattress reacts to your body heat and weight, and supports you evenly to help avoid pressure points and bedsores.

Buying a mattress is an important investment, particularly in your health, in assuring that you maintain a good sleep cycle. So when testing it consider laying on each mattress for at least 10 minutes to get a feel for it. Relax into your normal sleeping position. The mattress should support your entire body and take your shape. Take your time and consider the tips mentioned above.

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