Using Fleet Management Software to Combat Vehicle Idling?

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Using Fleet Management Software to Combat Vehicle Idling?

Does your business seem bad in terms of environmental responsibility? Do you want to cut down on your fleet management budget? Do increasing fuel prices worry you too much? 

All of the above are some important questions and your fleet management software might just be the answer! Wondering how? Let us answer through this article! 

Some Neglected Ways of Fuel Wastage 

Sure, everyone wants to save fuel and therefore track fuel consumption religiously. Most people and fleet managers use techniques such as fuel-efficient route mapping to save fuel. However, there are a few fuel wastage methods that are incredibly neglected but draining. Therefore, keeping them in mind while managing fuel economy is crucial. 

  • Abrupt braking and acceleration 

  • Harsh cornering 

  • Vehicle idling 

  • Poor engine health 

  • No regard for fuel economy

Fleet managers will easily be able to tackle fuel wastage by obviating all these factors from their fleet. 

What is Engine Idling?

Engine idling is when a vehicle’s engine is ignited even though the vehicle is not moving. Many drivers wrongly believe that engine idling does not cause issues. 

Idling can cause much more harm to the environment and consume much more fuel than a vehicle running at optimum speed. Engine idling is not a great practice for either the vehicle, fuel cost, or the environment. In fact, your vehicle might not be in as much of a problem with engine idling as yours and nature's pocket. So, you have to be vigilant about idling to save running costs!

So, why do drivers resort to engine idling? 

  • Unawareness 

  • Laziness to ignite engine on red lights 

  • Trying to warm the engine before running 

  • Negligence

All these reasons can be obviated with the right training and education. 

Using GPS Tracking Software to Combat Vehicle Idling

There are several ways to combat the fuel wastage arising from vehicle idling. Here are some of them:

  • Do not wait or wastefully rev the engine to warm it up, it anyway warms up better while running

  • Educate your drivers on how much fuel they end up wasting through engine idling 

  • Use a fleet management software system to track engine idling patterns and reports 

  • Combine other driver behavior management reports to create training programs

Of all the ways to combat vehicle idling, using GPS tracking software or fleet management software is the most effective. This is because through software you can:

  • Track how much fuel your vehicles are wasting due to idling 

  • Track which drivers tend to idle a lot and what are their engine idling patterns 

  • Strategize on ways you can reduce engine idling for the long run 

  • Get insightful reports to improve performance

Improve Your Fuel Economy With the Best Fleet Management Software 

While software might cost more than other ways of dealing with engine idling, it has more fleet management related functions as well. Resultantly, as a fleet manager, you will find it a spectacular investment for your business. So, what are you waiting for? Try India’s fastest growing fleet management software now to track engine idling and much more! 

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