Use of BIM and 3D Laser Scanning for Quantity Management in Construction Projects

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The construction industry has played a vital role in the industrialization & modernization process. Also, it can be considered as the main factor in ascertaining the other economic sectors’ development of infrastructure. The leading construction companies contemplate the work progress measurement, which is often a waste of time and has a low firmness, causing the project management to face some of the challenging difficulties. By using the benefits and provisions of a BIM model (Building Information Modeling) and 3D laser scanning, the 3D Laser Scanning Companies in the USA or BIM Modeling Companies can possibly work on the accuracy and proficiency of the quantity management process of a construction project.

In project management, the quality endorsement and control of a construction project is fundamental wherein the endorsement depends on quality estimations, investigation, and computations of all elements of the projects. As the progress estimation or observation of work in a construction project approves, if the work has been finished, it becomes a required assignment. Or, we can say that quantity management is an approach to recognize project progress. The process of dealing with the volume of work should be done rapidly and precisely to stay away from the tedious and ordinary exercises in a construction project. 

Building Information Models (BIMs) are progressively used on the grounds that they further develop the plan, alleviate clashes, and limit chances during a project. Albeit different advances, like augmented experience and observation with drones, have been generally utilized in the USA as well as other countries. The solid rivalry among development organizations has driven the need to further develop usefulness and lessen miscounts and cost. 

In today's digital world, the concept of building construction is changing continuously with the latest Innovations such as BIM virtual construction, virtual design, and 3D laser scanning. And, among these changes, the renowned one is the emergence of 3D laser scanning. Hence, we can say BIM modeling and 3D Laser scanning technology captures the features of objects with a laser beam in multiple directions around and within a structure. Once it captures the data points, they are digitally saved to describe contiguous relationships between objects, because these point clouds furnish a full characteristic depiction of the entities received.

The strategy for applying the BIM model to advance estimation enjoys a few benefits contrasted with the normal traditional technique. Other than programmed estimations and estimation of volume, BIM model can synchronize data from other programming applications like Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Project. Additionally, if there exists any adjustment of the plan during the computation interaction, Revit can assist with refreshing those changes, with the volume plan consequently recalculated. Revit programming has extremely amazing 3D drawing instruments and sends nitty gritty 2D drawings precisely, and saves time. 3D laser scanning created an archeological forward leap, with quick information assortment speed, ultrahigh thickness in point securing, and obtaining information with high accuracy. Because of this creation, all undertakings pertinent to observing work have gotten quicker, simpler, and more precise.

Moreover, applying BIM with laser scanning, improves the accuracy and efficiency of the quantity management process. Basically, BIM, as a plan record, comprises computerized documents or information. BIM's advancement is upheld by different instruments, advances, and agreements including the age and organization of computerized portrayals of physical and useful attributes of spots containing cozy associations with one another as far as space, size, amount, and material of each construction. 

All the data is traded and related online together through programming to help progress estimations, project the executives, and project control. By joining information about the pieces of the structure with other data like standards, monetary spending plan, and development progress, an augmented experience model of the structure is produced to advance plan, development, and activity of the board. 

Eventually, the coordination of BIM-laser scanning, utilized by the BIM Modeling Companies,  for the quantity management gave a developed technique. With laser scanning, the 3D Laser Scanning Companies in the USA can have an exhaustive item all through the structure life cycle without the costly expense of a full BIM model. Even better, in case a full BIM model is later essential, the point cloud information gathered by laser scanners can be used, disposing of any requests for another overview and in this way saving time and cost.

Undoubtedly, deciding the volume of work completed in development projects by conventional techniques is troublesome, and precision and dependability ordinarily are not high. The assessment requires an extended timeframe and regularly brings about a discussion between the undertaking's members. In the meantime, the undertaking has many assignments that should be done to rapidly and precisely decide the execution volume before sending the following task. Physically deciding the volume relies vigorously upon the administration limit of the people taking part in the venture. 

The execution of BIM and 3D laser scanning can resolve all the above impediments of ordinary techniques. Utilizing laser filtering, the situation with the site can be moved to computerized modules that are then handled to make spatial articles, screen the volume of work The strategy requires less time and work, and the got model (point cloud model, BIM model) can be utilized all through the structure's life cycle. The primary hazardous restriction of these advances is the underlying speculation cost for laser scanners and preparing charges. 


Cost improvement, simplicity of correspondence, diminished exclusions and change orders are instances of advantages of utilizing BIM. Laser scanning was shown to be useful in introducing 3D models of the developed undertaking.



Work enterprises are progressively relying upon innovations to ease measures, increment exactness, save time, and meet different objectives. Moreover, the development business utilizes innovations to expand its usefulness. Building data displaying (BIM) and 3D laser filtering are instances of those advances that have been acquired in the business to accomplish this purpose. 


Laser scanning has emerged as a tool for the BIM Modeling Services, as they work to gain access to increasingly accurate and detailed information during the BIM process. Building information models are just pretty much as precise as the data used to make them, which parallelly affects their value. In such a manner, the information gathered through the laser checking measure has discovered use all through the lifecycle of a task in a scope of ways, because of its precision and amount of information focused.


Laser Scanning has an assortment of utilizations on development projects going from new development to remodels, and the caught information can be helpful to the whole undertaking group, including the draftsmen and designers, from project origination through project turnover. Laser Scanning empowers the improvement of as-fabricated point cloud models, at a given stage in the lifecycle of a structure, with incredible precision and speed. 


The accuracy made conceivable using laser examining is unmatched by manual estimation and conventional field looking over strategies. Moreover, human understanding of field conditions impacts the precision of documentation because of the means and techniques for catching, just as during the transformation of field estimations to computerized models. Indeed, even using proficient looking over hardware, like an absolute station, the assortment of the amount of information accessible through a laser output would be time restrictive and unrealistic.


Being one of the best 3D Laser Scanning Companies in the USA, we at Tejjy Inc., use these technologies to build a model. Moreover, it is noted that documenting facilities have been positively affected by the innovation of BIM and laser scanning. Business profits by utilizing the innovations are self-evident, yet the possible advantages in further developed wellbeing by diminishing mishaps and passing are so incredible as to be practically unquantifiable.


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