Upgrade Your Mental and Physical Health During Lockdown

by Pankaj Kumar Internet Marketing Expert

All the cases of corona virus causing outrage all over the world are also coming to India. Because of this there is also an atmosphere of fear among the people and it is affecting their mental health. According to the psychiatrist, even though people are not getting physically ill due to an environment of fear, this fear and panic is weakening their mental health. Not only this, if it is not controlled, then this situation may prove dangerous for them in the coming time.

Cases of Anxiety and Panic Attacks are Increasing

According to the psychiatrist, where the atmosphere of this fear has already spoiled the case of people suffering from mental illness, many new people are also suffering from mental illness due to it. "The fear of the virus has created an insecurity among the people that they do not know whether their jobs will continue or not, what will happen to the lives of children, what would happen to the family if they got the virus, etc. Due to this, problems like anxiety, inability to sleep have started in people. Among those who were already struggling with depression, the cases of about 70 percent of the people have worsened due to this panic. For people who already have problems like depression, OCD (a disease in which people think more and they are afraid), this fear is having a very bad effect on them.

But people who have diabetes, are heart patient, they are also coming under its influence. The ordinary people, who are listening to social media, fear and restlessness in their mind, then their mental health is also deteriorating. In such a situation comes the mass panic, which is now being seen. Due to this we have increased many cases which are scared of Corona. Many of them do not sleep at night, many keep thinking about it, many have left social media because their mind was not thinking anything other than this. It also has an indirect effect that irritability increases when you do not go out anywhere, fights are becoming more frequent in the house. When people are not able to entertain, then their energy cannot be utilized, then there are many such indirect effects. Then many common people are also seeing this problem and such cases may increase in the coming days. Apart from this, the one who is more likely to have it will be in the anxiety disorder.

How to Rescue?

'To avoid this, we have to keep ourselves positive, try to stay away from social media because more and more negative news is coming on it. You see that the death ratio in Corona is very low, but many people are also recovering. So, we have to keep the environment around us positive, not panic and take precautions. At the same time, 'Its rescue depends on every person differently. But if the situation becomes such that you stop feeling hungry or do not sleep many nights or you become over-protective about your family, then it becomes a situation of anxiety or paranoid. So as a treatment for this, we can say that correct information is very important. Secondly, there is a need to reduce social media time because every information found there is not correct. If there is more trouble then you should see a doctor.

To Keep Mental Health Right, You Need to Keep These Five Things in Mind

  1. Be cautious about Covid 19 Keep as much information as possible about this epidemic named Corona. If you are ill, please consult a specialist before starting treatment. Do not watch the news related to corona virus throughout the day. Stay updated with the news related to the epidemic, keep an eye on its symptoms and treatment, do not watch the news related to it all day.
  2. Become emotionally strong to keep mental health better, it is important that you become mentally strong. If you are mentally strong then you will be able to understand things better and take decisions. Maintaining emotional health is also important according to your family. With this help, you will be able to take steps regarding your needs and safety of your family.
  3. Take care of your body There is a famous saying - Healthy mind resides in a healthy body. In this era, it is very important to take care of the mind as well as the body. Nowadays people are spending more time at home than before. Exercise is necessary to stay fit after eating more and resting. Even after continuous workouts, your body can fall into a state of laziness. Take measures like deep breath, stretching and meditation while staying at home. Eat healthy food and exercise according to the rules. Get plenty of sleep and avoid intoxication.
  4. Be happy and try to keep neither you nor your family will be able to escape due to your anxiety. People living at home should find new activities for themselves. If the same routine has been boring you for a long time, then do the work that makes you happy. Find happiness in small things and turn it into a family activity. Children should also be involved in this work.
  5. Meet people in a virtual way Man is a social animal. It is important to meet people to be mentally healthy. Due to the Corona crisis, people are not able to meet other people openly due to fear of infection or due to their safety. During this time, you can take recourse to technique. You can keep in touch with people through video calls. Talk to your family living far away through video call. There is a difference between talking on the phone and looking at the face, you can be happy by using creative techniques.

At the same time, fear of deadly disease like corona continues in the whole world. Various measures are also being taken to avoid this so that this virus can be avoided. Talking about its initial symptoms are cold, cough, difficulty in breathing, muscle aches, fever and fatigue. But the important thing is that if we want to fight all these diseases then it is very important for us to strengthen our immune system. If we improve our routine then these diseases will not be able to dominate us.

So, let us know some small changes in your routine, which will help you in keeping you healthy, as well as increase your immunity.

There are some rules and discipline in Ayurveda from morning to night, following which you can get healthy mind and healthy body. For some time, you may have problems in following these rules but after some time you will get addicted to it. And believe, this routine will not only keep you healthy, but you will also feel energetic and will be strong to fight all these diseases.

So, Let Us Know How to Keep Your Mind in The Beginning of The Morning and What Things in The Night

  • Wake up in Brahma Muhurta in the morning. For a healthy life one should get up in the Brahma Muhurta i.e. 2 hours before sunrise in the morning. At this time, due to being airy, the respiratory organs and your mind are completely pure, so follow it.
  • After this, drink water on an empty stomach as soon as you wake up in the morning, this will purify your digestive organs.
  • Exercise is very important to keep us healthy. Do yoga and pranayam after getting up. This will help you in keeping you healthy, as well as you will feel energetic.
  • Take sun bath for vitamin D The sun before 8 pm is very good for your body.
  • Morning breakfast is very important for your body, so take care of breakfast and eat nutritious food.
  • Lunch should be the staple diet for the whole day, while do not drink water immediately after eating food. Drink water only after half an hour.
  • Dinner should always be light and digestible, as well as stay away from eating too spicy.
  • Have a good sleep It is very important for your health, so take 6 to 7 hours of sleep.

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