Understanding the theory Behind Skin Aging Process!

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Aging is an inevitable process that brings some expensive changes to health, and its first reflection is experienced through your face. Once the aging process starts the natural collagen peptide of the epidermal layer of skin begins to show decline phase, and this brings roughness and dryness. You would also experience the visibility of fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, pigmentation and low moisture balance. Here the production of melanin starts to get reduced that causes pigmentation marks and dark coloring of skin as well.

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What are the types of Melanin?

Melanin is another category of a pigment found under skin tissue cells. There are two different categories of melanin discovered out in cells that have varied effects on skin condition and drive other types of pigmentation. Eumelanin is one type of melanin that generates dark brown pigmentation and is essential melanin type among darkly pigmented skin.  Pheomelanin is another yellow color pigment and significant category of melanin that is usually found in fair-skinned persons who are more exposed to sunburns. Eumelanin gives higher protection from the harsh UVA rays of the sun.

The melanin of an individual’s skin is usually determined through genetic heredity means babies acquire their skin color from ancestors. In the singular, a gene called tryouts a significant role in delimiting skin pigmentation. Melanin levels are also determined by behaviors that describe the individual’s daily exposure to the sun where the body may produce higher melanin level when exposed to maximum level under the sun. A person who serves outside in the sun daily will produce higher dark pigmentation or tanning to the skin surface.

The exposure to sun and changes observed in skin

Exposure to the excess and harmful UVA rays from the sun causes changes to the skin color. In short, excess sun exposure may usually create erythema, and individuals refer to it as sunburn. Artificial exposure to UV radiation, for example from tanning, has a related effect. In the longer term UV exposure excites melanin production letting skin redness change to darker, tanned skin within a few days. Other UV provoked skin modifications to combine thickening of the exterior layer of skin, freckles, and blemishes and premature aging as well. Over excess time duration, the exposure to sun level lifts the melanin production with the enhanced concentration of eumelanin and gives higher protection from UVA rays of the sun.

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The treatment varieties available today

Towards every aging factor and pigmentation appearance, there are varieties of treatment solution available at every other dermatologist clinic. One may opt for laser surgery, Botox, creams, and serums but it is necessary to observe the effectiveness of those treatments before proceeding further. Most of the skin therapies are very dangerous and drive maximum side effects to the sun surface in the form of redness and even skin cancer. Today while you check the online websites there are tons of trial products available to treat wrinkles and fine-lines and promise to give quick results, but they are never safe to apply.

Food and drug administration (FDA) never approve such skin products because it is still not in confidence about the safety standards to such sources. From time to time it has imposed several bans on the majority of skin creams and serums that are not evaluated.  Manufacturers are confidently selling these trials today at the exclusive discount price and making customers fool. Such sources do not include any safe ingredients and are a combination of fillers and harsh chemicals only. So if preparing to go for such products, it is better to get consulted with a dermatologist.

How to Protect Skin From UVA Aging?

The plumpness and radiance of skin get reduced as we age, and exposure to sunlight is also a significant cause to skin aging process. The only protection one may give from UVA rays of the sun is through making an application of sunscreen of at least 30 SPF. You may also protect your skin through wearing hats and clothes and avoid sunlamps too. Many products promised to reduced sun aging process, but still, they are not evaluated by food and drug administration (FDA). Please avoid smoking as well because that also causes wrinkle formation. However, there are various treatments available to smoothen up skin surface and reduce wrinkles through dermatologist treatment.

The Conclusion

Prevention is always a better option than curing skin with other treatment if possible always wear natural sunscreen and avoid using any ointments or lotions that include harsh chemicals. You also need to quit smoking as well as excess consumption of liquor. The application of light moisturizer and cleansing of facial skin is also an excellent option to go with the healthy, glowing and enhanced firmness of skin. Aging spots once occupied go slowly so wait for the results to arrive and always consult dermatologist treatment.

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