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Is it really possible to have a bigger size and improve relationship?

by Andrew Peterson is Online Health &

Being a man the dream of every individual is to appear masculine and have the best sexual performance to satisfy their female partners in the bed. But somehow this activity never looks easy as it is described because most men are experiencing a decline in their sexual activities just because of malnutrition, poor habits of masturbation and low testosterone hormone production inside the body. These signs must never be ignored because they are new signals to some arriving foul health troubles. The most common sexual problem that men face today is with their low penis size and low ejaculation time.

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Penis size: The Myth

The fear of having a small penis size is prevalent today as it is all meant to satisfy the partner. But according to studies and research, it was discovered that men who think and are worried about their low penis size, actually have standard size penis shape. If the size of the penis is 13 cm (5 inches) or longer during erection, then its considered as average size. A penis is supposed small if it measures less than 3 inches (about 7.5 centimeters) during erection.

Ads related to penis enhancement products and pills are now seen everywhere making varieties of promises. They even claim that with penis pumps, pills and exercises the size of the penis could be lifted easily without experiencing any side effects. However, the scientific study related to such products is available in insufficient quantity, even food and drug administration (FDA) declared such products as a waste of money. Most of the advertised penis products available today in the market are of no use and if you have planned to get those, think again, because that may even worsen the case.

Penis Surgery is Very Risky

Studies of available surgical procedures to increase the penis have witnessed diverse results in safety, effectiveness and victim settlement.

At best, surgery such as cutting of the suspensory ligament may join share an inch (1 centimeter) to the surface of the limp penis but makes no change to the actual length or size of the penis. The worst possibility here is that surgical methods lead to loss of sensation, scarring, and different infections.

Companies offer varieties of nonsurgical penis treatments and promote them with serious-looking advertisements that include endorsements from favorite health experts. By having a close look, you would discover out that claims and effectiveness standards haven’t been proved.

Marketers rely on testimonials and incredible before-after photos. Dietary supplements don’t require permission by the Food and Drug Administration, so companies don’t have to determine safety or effectiveness.

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Things that may help to lift your situation

Although there is a guarantee or assurance with penis enlargement treatments today and even their safety measures remain in significant doubt. However, you may follow some important things to cope with the situation.

Lose belly fat to be in shape: If you’re overweight and hold a “beer gut,” your penis might look short in the size, which is the negative perception. The consistent workout may make a difference to the situation. The slimmer you would make you look better, and by losing weight, you may also lead with enhanced strength and vigor during performance sessions at the bed.

Consult a physician: Feeling negative and frustrated with the penis size has become a common thing today. Please get consulted with a health counselor to get better assistance and lead a healthy and prosperous lifestyle.

Get in touch with your partner: It may be tough to break old practices or to present reproductive decisions with your partner. But you’ll be happy you did, and you may be amazed at the flash it kindles in your sex life.

The Myth of Supplements Intake

On some occasions, it has been observed that individuals experiencing erectile dysfunction might be having a lower libido and low testosterone formation inside the body. Such deficiencies impact lowering down energy level and mood swings. Although there are different categories of prescription gels and pills available in the market, though one must only use such sources just after getting consulted with a physician. Non prescribed supplements that guarantee instant results are very dangerous so one must use such sources if they are assured with safety.

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Many men consider that expanding the extension of their penis will deliver them a reliable lover or make them more engaging. But indications are your penis is inside the normal size range. Even if your penis is less than average, it may not mean to your spouse. Also, there’s no proven way to execute a penis more massive. The answer to your anxieties about penis size may be as apparent as talking with your companion or receiving in the state. If those moves don’t support, try talking with a healthcare professional for better assistance.

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