Understanding Endoscopy and Colonoscopy State Island

by Doctor Grosman Gastroenterologist
Colonoscopy Staten Island gives your doctor the scope of examining the lining of the large intestine or the colon for detecting abnormalities. The doctors do this by inserting a very thin and flexible tube which is as thick as a human finger. This tube in inserted into the anus and is slowly advanced into the colon and the rectum. The instrument is known as a colonoscope and it comes with its own light source and lens. It offers doctors the ability of viewing images on video monitors.

The Reasons Behind Recommending Colonoscopy

Colonoscopy doctors Brooklyn recommend the procedure in the form of a screening examination for understanding or getting the details of the symptoms of colorectal cancer. The procedure might be recommended by doctors for evaluating symptoms like chronic diarrhea and bleeding. The procedure is quite tolerable and it does not cause much pain. The patients might feel some kind of pressure, cramping or bloating while the procedure is on. typically doctors might give painkillers or sedatives to the patients for helping them relax and tolerate the discomfort.

The patients generally need to lie on their back or their side while the doctor slowly moves the colonoscope along the large intestine for examining the lining. The doctor generally examines the lining while slowly withdrawing the colonoscope. It takes a time span of around 45 minutes to complete the entire procedure. However, it is important for the patients to plan for one or two hours of waiting which would include preparation and recovery. There are cases where the doctors pass the colonoscope through the entire colon till the small intestine. Additional tests would be recommended if the doctor thinks them to be necessary.

What is Endoscopy?

Endoscopy Brooklyn NY is basically a non-surgical process that is used for examining the digestive tract of an individual. This is done by using an endoscope which is a flexible tube featuring a camera and a light for enabling the doctor to see pictures of the digestive tract on the TV monitor. Upper endoscopy is a procedure where the endoscope is passed through the throat and the mouth into the esophagus for helping the doctor get the sight of the stomach, the esophagus and the upper part of the small intestine. In the same way, an endoscope can even be passed through the rectum to the large intestine for examining the area. This procedure is called colonoscopy.


Both colonoscopy and endoscopy are procedures that are carried out by gastroenterologists who need to examine the reasons behind gastric problems in people. both these procedures are non-invasive and they also do not cause a lot of pain. However, the exact procedures used depend on the type of colonoscopy or endoscopy and the anesthesia choice for the patients. General anesthetics or sedation might be used for both the processes. It is important that you make the choice of the right clinic and the right doctor for the same. This ensures that you are safely done away with your problem while not having to deal with any kind of hassle and stress.

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