Gallbladder Problems- All You Want to Know about It

by Doctor Grosman Gastroenterologist
Gallbladder, the small sac beneath your liver, can create huge problems in your life. Before knowing gallbladder problems treatment, you must have ideas about the troubles can happen there.

What is Gallbladder?

This is a small sac under your liver that stores bile from your liver. It sends bile to the small intestine through bile ducts so that the food particles can be broken down into smaller parts, especially the fatty foods and your body can digest them easily. Usually, this little fellow doesn’t cause much trouble, but if there is any blockage in the bile ducts that causes slower secretion of bile juice, you can face huge problems.

Some Common Gallbladder Problems

Here are certain gallbladder problems that can be cured by proper treatment-

•    Gallstones- It is popularly known as cholelithiasis. When smaller or larger stones are developed inside your gallbladder, you face this condition. Usually, these stones form from cholesterol and a substance in the gallbladder called bilirubin.

•    Biliary Colic- When the formation of gallstones blocks the flow of bile juice into your small intestine, you may suffer from severe pain. GERD doctor specialist says that such painful episodes can last for one to five hours, leaving mild pain for 24 hours.

•    Inflamed Gallbladder- This condition is known as cholecystitis. This is an inflammation that can be caused because of gallstones, infections, excessive consumption of alcohol and even for tumor. You can go for chronic heartburn treatment and get treated for this problem.

•    Acalculous Biliary Pain- This is a pain in your gallbladder which is not connected with the formation of gallstones. If you stay on empty stomach or the over secretion of bile juice can cause such pain.

What Are the Symptoms of Gallbladder Problems?

As there are different types of ailments can happen in your gallbladder, the symptoms may often vary. Pain in the abdominal area is common, but still, there are certain symptoms that may require you to visit a gallbladder specialist-

•    Immense pain in the upper right portion of your abdomen or central
•    Pain that lasts for hours
•    Tenderness in your abdomen, especially in the right upper corner
•    Pain that may spread to your right shoulder and back
•    Heartburn, gas, and indigestion

If you ever face any of these symptoms, you should consult a doctor, instead of having over-the-counter medicines.

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