Understand The Role Of Doulas in Providing Care to Birthing Mothers

by Emma Tomy Lamaze Healthy Birth Class
That is why many expectant mothers are turning to doulas, who serve along with the other professionals involved in the mother's care. The doula's role is to focus her care and provide support to the laboring mother, which she does by providing information, assisting the expectant mother in developing her birthing plan, and providing physical and emotional support throughout the labor and potentially after childbirth as well.

Doulas, and the expectant mothers they serve, often begin with discussions regarding the expectant mother's hopes and expectations for her childbirth experience. These discussions help to bring the expectant mother and her Birth Doula into a positive relationship of understanding so that the expectant mother can be assured that the doula knows, and can be relied upon to act on, her wishes when the moment arises during labor. Many doulas assist their clients in developing a birth plan. Whether the mother seeks natural childbirth or requires a Caesarian delivery, the doula can provide for the mother's comfort throughout her birthing experience. Having the support of a doula allows other family members to rest or assist the mother's older children while knowing that the mother is in good care.

While Fort Worth Doulas receive training and are knowledgeable about pregnancy and labor, they are not medical professionals and do not give medical advice. The doula's primary role during childbirth is to provide the physical assistance and emotional support necessary to foster a safe and comforting environment for the mother in labor. Doulas assist mothers in practices designed to reduce the pain and physical discomfort of labor, through the use of relaxation and breathing techniques, as well as massage. While doulas are equipped to serve as labor companions, they do not seek to replace the emotional support and encouragement of a partner or family member and will take cues from the laboring mother to offer the support that she seeks. When a spouse or partner is actively involved in supporting the laboring mother, a doula will step back and offer other forms of assistance but is ready to support the mother in the event the partner becomes fatigued or overwhelmed.

After the birth, families may choose the services of a postpartum doula, to provide support for new mothers as she cares for the newborn baby. Postpartum doulas can assist with household chores such as cleaning or cooking, or pitch in to help with the new arrival so that the mother can rest.

Online several agencies are available that provide Birth Doula Training and make them available for you.

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