Understand Song Structure Before Uploading Your Music Online

by Richa Jha Asistent Manager

For a musician or a lyrics writer, only composing mp3 music or penning down ballads is not enough. Many artists and singers struggle to make money with their music online. Most common reason for this is that they do not understand song structure.

Improper track structure in your online music can turn away even your die-hard fans from your latest music songs. It also impacts your revenue generation from online music sites with monetization feature. Therefore, you need to understand song structure before uploading your music online

Most of the mp3 songs that you listen to, are made up of three different parts: Verse, Chorus and Bridge. And, most of the hit numbers are in the form:




·         A proper understanding of mp3 song structure helps us to know how to sing, play or write that track.

·         It also lets the singer know which parts of the track to sing, or to repeat a particular part, and also the overall form that the number includes.

·         This further has an impact when the artists upload music online and seek to earn money from a niche or mainstream audience.

The following basic units of a song, will help you become familiar with their structural unit and shape your own style of online music:


1.      Intro


The goal with any intro is to establish the rhythm, tempo, lead melody, artists voice, etc. They give a fairly simple idea of some instrumentation without giving away the whole show.




The verse is supposed to convey the message of the soundtrack. It provides a structured lead-up to the chorus. Try listening to any music onlineor latest music songs these days and you will find composers using varying melodies, chord progressions that take listener high and wow them with the chorus.


3.      Pre-Chorus


It is also known as the ‘’lift’’ as it is meant to lift you or push you into the chorus part. Pre-chorus is used to further enhance the verse. It can also function as a ‘’lyrical bridge’’ into the chorus.


4.      Chorus


This is the part where lyrics tend to usually repeat themselves. It helps to create an additional elevation for most Hollywood songs.

Also known as ‘’Refrain’’, Chorus is the catchiest and memorable part of a track, which is known as the hook.


5.      Bridge


It can lead to verse, chorus or back itself, hence called bridge. Both lyrics and music usually take a departure from what listeners have till now being exposed to. There’s a different pace to the soundtrack here.


All mp3 songs including the latest mp3 songs have a pattern to them and to their structure. Over the decades, several influences have come to them, that are visible on Indian social networking sites. However, their structure has not changed at all.


Whether you are writing English songs or Hindi songs, your ideas and personal goal will determine the emotional impact your music online will achieve.

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