Ultrasound Gel: What Are Its Uses And Features

by Avadhesh Sharma SEO Analyst
Science and technology have reached great heights. It has grown to great heights and one can even see through the body of humans through the technique of ultrasound. It can detect any abnormalities inside the body and showcase it in the reports. In fact, when a woman is pregnant, doctors can even ultrasound her belly to see the baby and its live movements. This technology has certainly enabled people to get so many things done and diagnose a number of problems.

However, when we get the ultrasound done, there is this cold and sticky sensation that makes the body feel a tingling sensation. This is caused by the ultrasound gel that any sonographer applies to the body part before putting the body under the machine.

Uses of Ultrasound Gel

During the ultrasound, sound waves, higher than normal hertz are passed through the body which might damage the body as well. In order to create a bond between the ultrasound transducer and your skin, it is imperative to put ultrasound gel between them. This gel prevents the air from entering the space and provides an easier medium for the waves to pass. Moreover, using good-quality gel offered by ultrasound gel manufacturer in Indore can help the doctors create a clearer image of the body part that is being put under the ultrasound.

Features of Ultrasound Gel

There are many good features of ultrasound gel that make is so important for all types of ultrasounds, be it the stomach or your chest, neck, or your thyroid gland. You can be sure that these features in gels offered by ultrasound gel manufacturer in Madhya Pradesh will make it even more effective.

Skin Friendly: The best feature of the ultrasound gel is that it is skin-friendly. The ultrasound gel manufacturers make sure not to add any toxic substances in the gel that could create harshness or scar on the body. Instead of that, they add more skin-friendly chemicals in the gel so that it would be gentle on the skin.

Dermatologically Tested: The next feature of ultrasound gels that you should be looking for is if it is dermatologically tested or not. Just saying that the gel is skin-friendly would not suffice, you should check if it is tested by trusted dermatologists or not. Moreover, the ultrasound gel would be a contact medium between the ultrasound transducer and the body, so it should not have any harmful substances that could blur the image.

Easy-To-Clean: The next feature of ultrasound gel is that it is easy to clean. The doctors put ultrasound gel on the skin before making the transducer move over it. Once the ultrasound procedure is completed, it is important that one is able to easily clean it off and no residue remains on the body.

Thick & Sticky: Another feature of gels offered by ultrasound gel manufacturers in Indore is that it is thick and sticky. It might feel gooey on the body but this viscosity of the gel is what makes it stick on the body without flowing all over the place.

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