4 Steps for Avoiding MOT Failures Caused by Tyres

by Roberts Tyres Auto Repair Garage in Sleaford

Over 35% of all vehicles that take the MOT fail the test every year. Some of them fail because of severe issues relating to critical components like the brakes and battery, but an overwhelming majority of failures occur due to easily avoidable faults.

Take tyres for example. Last year, 9.9% of MOT failures were due to some problem in the tyres. Tyres are, no doubt, critical for road safety. However, they are also easy to maintain and relatively inexpensive to replace.

There are multiple criteria that your tyres have to meet to clear the test. Let’s take a look at what causes an MOT failure due to tyres and what you can do to prevent it.

  1. You should have the right tyres

Strange as it may sound, you may be using the wrong tyres on your car which may ultimately lead to MOT failure. First of all, the tyres fitted to your car should match your car manufacturer’s specifications. Every car model has a specific tyre size it is compatible with. Using tyres of any other size will lead to MOT failure.

To avoid that, match the size written on the sidewalls of each tyre to the size specified on your user manual. They should be an exact match.

Furthermore, if you have fitted a lightweight tyre as a spare after suffering from a puncture, replace it with a standard tyre before taking your MOT. Lightweight or space saver tyres are great for emergencies, but they are not meant for regular use.

There is one more criterion regarding the right type of tyre that you have to meet to clear your impending MOT in Oasby. Both tyres on the same axle should have identical structure. For example, you cannot use asymmetric tyres on one wheel and a directional tyre on another on the same axle.

  1. All four tyres must have an adequate tread depth

It is mandatory to maintain a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm on all four tyres to successfully clear your MOT. Apart from MOT failure, below-par tread depth may result in a £2,500 fine and penalty points against your license.

You must check your tyres’ tread depth before you visit an MOT test centre. You can easily do it at home with the help of a 20p coin. Insert the coin in the main grooves in at least three different spots of the tyre. If the outer band is entirely visible, it’s time to replace that tyre.

  1. Tyres must be in an acceptable condition

The general condition of your tyres will also come under scrutiny during an MOT. There shouldn’t be any visible damage to the tyre body. Any cuts, bulges, tears or lumps will render your vehicle liable to MOT failure.

  1. Proper inflation pressure is paramount

The new MOT rule changes have brought inflation pressure under the purview of MOT. Cars with low inflation pressure, both high and low, will not clear the test.

You should consider buying a new set of tyres before an MOT if your existing tyres have a low tread depth or are damaged in any way. You may purchase tyres in Ruskington from reputable tyre retailers like Roberts Tyres. Their tyre collection boasts of international brands such as Michelin, Continental and Bridgestone, among many others.

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