Types of Transcription for Data Entry Services

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Typically, transcription refers to typing what you listen to like an audio or voice message or mail. It means that you convert voice over or any recording into a digital version. It is categorized under data processing services, which many data entry companies in the US, India and other countries outsource to.

Types of Transcription Services

There are many types of transcription services, which need skills, tools and expertise correspondingly.   

·         Normal transcription

There are many events, lectures, conferences, calls, training sessions, phone messages, speeches, interviews and podcasts that we normally listen to as an audio recording. Many companies and organizations in a variety of sectors want to access the details for further analysis or drilling intelligence. The aim for translating these contents may differ. But, they all end up in preparing them for later accessibility upon data entry and processing. However, it does not need one to be a specifically trained professional of this niche. But, experience does matter a lot.  

·         Data Entry

As aforementioned, all types of transcription services are digital entries. This job requires least amount of skills and understanding of recorded language. The data entry operators can get started with this data entry job, which makes them familiar with technical skills of working with Excel, PDFs, Word and other software over time. What all this profile needs is to type what you hear. But, you should stay away from the companies that tend to engage in data entry scams.

·         Technical transcription

When you gain expertise in general transcription, you become a technical transcriber. However, you don’t need to get a special training course for this. Neither do you require any certification as for medical domain. But since it’s related to technicality, you should have a good knowledge of technical terms of a specific domain. For instance, when you transcribe for an astrologer, you should know about the typical terminologies like horoscope, zodiac, cusp and many more such things. Experience is the key, which makes you able to recognise and use it correctly.

·         Financial/ corporate transactions

It’s also a kind of technical transcription, which makes mandatory to have a certain level of knowledge of terms that finance and banking sector uses. The companies in this domain release earning reports, host annual meetings and press conferences and declare interim results of bidding and analyst reports quarterly, half yearly or yearly. Such companies certainly come with a great demand for this service.

·         Closed captioning

Also called offline captioning, the closed captioning is converting audio into text to display on television, video screen and other visual display. It interprets information in deep, translating audio portion of a program. The user gets a proper description of speech and non-speech elements with the advantage of reading translations of videos.

Even, HTML5 also helps in defining subtitles by translating dialogues and captioning sound effects, relevant musical cues and other relevant audio information.

·         Medical transcription

This is a professional practice of translating medical speech into text. Medical and business researches require it for figuring out trends and opportunities. For a medical transcriptionist, one needs to be certified to translate prescriptions, medical records or dictations dictated by a medical practitioner. There are many BPM companies that are certified to carry out this job and onboard professionals who have this degree or certificate.

·         Real time transcription

Mostly, the data entry companies work on recorded audios. But, the real transcription differs from it. It means listening to live voice over and typing accurately what you listen. For this profile, high typing speed, accuracy and specialised stenography equipments are required. Since it’s a job of great responsibilities and accountability, the company hires only most experienced typists who have a history of transcribing in the real time.

Like closed captioner, there are some requirements for a realtime captioner. The professionals listen to and go on with writing accordingly in a flow. It also requires fast typing speed in texting the live video. Court reporters are its finest example.

·         CART Captioner

Expanded for Communication Access Real-time Translation (CART), the CART assists people who need hearing aid. These captioners provide text in the real time for them by translating what is said in meetings, conferences, legislative sessions and schools.

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