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In recent years, most industries require the use of packing materials to go about their day to day production and business activities. Many businesses and companies face problems with ensuring that their products are safely packaged and they invest a considerable sum of money in hopes to obtain good quality packaging suppliesfor their manufactured items.

If you are on the lookout to find a solution to ensure safe packaging, you are at the right place. MOPI is a Singapore packaging supplier with at least 30 years of experience in the Singapore packaging industry. MOPI stocks a vast array of items such as packing materials, glues, sealants, and tapes that meets the needs of a broad spectrum of markets including electronics, industrial, and retail, just to name a few. Here’s a look at the variety of products that you can expect toobtain from this Singapore packaging supplier.

High quality packing materials are a necessity to production industries for the purpose of packaging goods that have been produced for sale in the markets. Individuals who need to send products by mail or package to another location or country would also require such materials. Obtaining top-quality materials from Singapore packaging suppliers is a vital consideration for many businesses asthis would ensure that their goods that have been packaged will remain safe and in good condition whilst being transported to their destination. Businesses are also often looking out for well-designed packaging to package their product as it would leave a good impression on their customers. Different types and designs of product packaging can be also found at MOPI to meet the promotional needs of a particular product.

·         Product Protection

One of the most common packaging materials sought after by individuals and businesses from various industries are those that will protect their products from damage during the transportation process. MOPI sells products that providecushioned protection and prevent surface damage to fragile products. Some of these products are:

  • Packing list envelope
  • Kraft Bubble Wrap
  • Air Bubble Pack
  • Bubble Mailer
  • PE Foam Roll

For products that require additional protection and cushioning, MOPI also sells materials such as corrugated products and the edge board protector that can be used to provide stabilisation during transportation of the product and can also be used to segregate products.

·         Food Packaging

If you are a supplier in the food industry, supermarkets, packaging mills, or even an individual that is searching for packaging that would keep your perishable goods fresh, MOPI sells materials such as fresh cling wrap that are effective in ensuring the lasting freshness of your goods.

·         Pallet Stretch Film

MOPI’s pallet stretch film is produced with the highest quality of LLDPE material. It is a solution for business owners who are looking to protect their items from dust, scratches, and moisture. The 3-layer pallet stretch film also guarantees a high stretch capacity, tear-resistance, and strong elastic retention power. The durable pallet stretch film is made from a safe and durable material to ensure the safety and protection of goods and products that have been shipped from one destination to another without the perishing of commodities.  


Adhesive Tapes

Regardless of your needs, you can expect to find a vast array of tapes that ensures that your products remain in pristine condition after the packing process. There are numerous forms of tapes that are available for sale at MOPI. These tapes range from the commonly used masking tape to electrical insulation tape and even bakery tapes that keep food safe and hygienic.

·         Double-Sided Tapes

A variety of double-sided tapes are available to provide solutions for numerous industrial applications. These tapes consist of high performance adhesive coating which creates a strong and reliable adhesive bond. If you are looking for a viable alternative to the conventional fastening methods, you can find these double-sided tapes at MOPI that will meet your personal or production needs.

·         Gaffer Tape Singapore

If you are in the media industry, Gaffer tapes would be no stranger to you! Gaffer tapes are designed to resolve the challenges faced by professionals in the film making, photography, and theater industries and be used for numerous applications.

·         Graphic Tapes

You would also be able to find the engineer-grade reflective tape and luminescent tapes at MOPI. These safety tapes ensure visibility of the signs and tapes even amid the darkness. The Vinyl laminating film that gives a uniform finish and protection to the digital printed image from abrasion is also for sale.


·         Electrical Insulation Tape

These tapes can be used domestically as well as for industrial purposes. These insulation tapes are used primarily to ensure the safety and protection against electricity. MOPI provides durable tapes with a wide range of lengths, sizes, materials to ensure that your safety needs are met.

·         Other Commonly Used Tapes

Conventional tapes that are commonly used in households can also be found at MOPI. This includes anti-slip tape, cloth tape, masking tape, and stationery tape, just to name a few. These tapes sold at MOPI are durable, versatile, and made available in a variety of sizes and strengths, ideal for meeting your everyday demanding applications.

Glues and Sealants

Sealants and glues can be used to repair any existing damages in our households. If you are looking to repair wear and tear damages to your floors, ceilings, or furniture, acrylic, contact, and silicone sealants that are available at MOPI will be the solution to patch up these damages by sealing the gap in them. Glues ranging from PVC pipe glue to the more commonly used and versatile glues, such as white PVA glue and the hot melt glue stick are also available for sale at MOPI.

Are you searching for a reliable Singapore packaging supplier that specialises in providing top-quality materials at reasonable costs? MOPI has at least 30 years of experience in the industry which equipped them with the knowledge to offer their experience, knowledge, and products to a broad spectrum of applications and markets. MOPI also specialises in providing cost effective solutions to meet your specific industrial needs.

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