Types of payment methods for small businesses

by Sahil Verma SIFIPAY

The first thing you must decide is what types of payments your company will accept. In general, there are four online payment methods through any online payment gateway to consider:

Bank transfer

A bank transfer, also known as a wire transfer or credit transfer, is a method of transferring funds electronically from one person or entity to another. A wire transfer is a transfer of funds from one bank account to another. The consumer is given a unique reference number as well as information about the bank account where they can make their payment. The entire process is very safe and secure because both account holders must have a proven identity and there is no chargeback possibility. Bank transfer is very convenient for shoppers who do not have a credit card or do not wish to use one to complete a distance sale payment via the internet, phone, or mail.

Credit card payment

Credit card payment is a method for customers to voluntarily use their credit card to pay into the accounts of others via the Internet. When the payment is successful, it is immediately deposited into the merchant's account. The credit card payment method is more adaptable and has a broader range of applications. To make a payment, you can use a credit card in a variety of ways. The first is similar to a direct bank transfer in that money is transferred directly from the credit card to the bank account provided by the other party; the second is that the payment can be completed via the credit card payment channel. This method is a relatively mature payment method that is primarily used in online business trade. The third-party payment company uses the payment to the third-party payment company's account, and then the third-party payment company remits the payment to the designated account.


E-wallets are a type of Secure Electronic Transaction (SET), which is a type of computer software that allows consumers to conduct electronic transactions and store transaction records. Before consumers can conduct secure electronic transactions on the Internet, they must first install a secure electronic wallet.

There are two types of electronic wallets. The first is pure software, which is primarily used for online consumption and account management. This software is typically linked to bank accounts or bank card accounts. The smart stored-value card for micropayments is the second option. The cardholder deposits money into the card ahead of time, and the transaction amount is deducted directly from the stored-value account during the transaction.

Mobile payment:

Mobile payment refers to the use of mobile phones and other electronic devices by mobile clients to make electronic money payments. Mobile payments effectively combine the Internet, terminal equipment, and financial institutions to form a new type of payment system, and mobile payments are capable of doing more than just money transfers. You can also use it to pay for living expenses like phone bills, gas, water, and electricity. Mobile payment has created a new payment method, increasing the popularity of electronic money.

Online payment methods for small business

Online payment is a new technology that can help you gain more customers, save money, and simplify the accounting process. However, it is prudent to research the best online payment gateway for small businesses in order to find a solution that meets your requirements.

The bank guarantees the security of online payments. When the user selects online payment and enters his bank card information, he has actually left this site's server and arrived at the bank's payment gateway.

Major payment companies have also made unwavering efforts in this area. Using Visa as an example, Visa's strategy for ensuring payment industry security is to promote closer cooperation and communication among relevant stakeholders, as well as to implement multi-level security protection. In a nutshell, safety is a shared responsibility. There is no "magic bullet" that can eliminate everything. Visa believes that the security of the entire payment industry is determined by the weakest link in the payment system, not by the security measures implemented. In other words, the best way to effectively ensure the security of the entire payment industry is to improve the anti-risk capability of each weak link in the payment system.

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