7 Points of Benefits of Using Multiple Payment Gateways

by Sahil Verma SIFIPAY

Any online company must have the best payment gateway in India option on their website or mobile application in order to accept online payments. Payment Gateway is an excellent alternative due to its security features and the fact that it offers different payment alternatives and features in a single checkout procedure. There are several payment gateways in India; selecting the best one for your business is critical.

One may see the need of integrating and using one payment gateway; however, understanding how more than one payment gateway would be an appropriate decision for you and your organization is also necessary.

This article discusses the advantages of utilizing several payment channels in India:


Essentially, you may choose payment gateways while keeping costs in mind. In India, there are several payment gateways that offer their services at the most affordable prices. Others, on the other hand, offer more amenities and features, but they are more expensive. As a result, changes may be made based on payment methods and features. If you select the best payment gateway solutions in India, you may significantly reduce the cost of the whole price.

Multiple Payment Option Choices

Buyers typically have a specific payment method in mind with which they would make the purchase. Some people prefer UPI, while others are more comfortable using a credit card, while yet others always use their wallets.

Because of a lack of payment choices and their inability to trust the site with their credit card information, 23% of online shoppers abandon their shopping cart. According to the Abandonment Rate Statistics, the remaining 4% would abandon if their credit card was denied at the checkout.

Having a good selection of all popular payment options available at the checkout is therefore highly recommended and a wise online company strategy. This can be done with one payment gateway, but it is probable that it does not offer a few alternatives that the other one provides. Having all of the available options and features efficiently fosters a client rapport.

Benefits of Using Multiple Payment

A decrease in Payment Failure

Multiple payment method alternatives would not only satisfy the customer's preference but would also be a choice when there is downtime in it. So, in such a case, the consumer may go on to their next favorite option, and you can be certain that they will pay. As a result, the consumer always has a ready option for making the payment.

Targeted Locations

Different payment gateways provide a variety of services. Some may be seamless in domestic services while others may be supporting foreign services as well. It is critical to understand the currencies and the countries that use them.

So, depending on your target areas and their consumers, you may conduct some research and select several payment methods. You should keep in mind the costs they impose in accordance. It is also important to consider the payment gateway's popularity in that location. Buyers would benefit from the best payment gateway in India that automatically converts currencies throughout the checkout process. As a result, all factors such as the location, payment method types, and currencies offered must be examined, which may necessitate the use of more than one payment gateway.

Types of businesses

Large enterprises with a large volume of transactions will have a large volume of transaction attempts, thus they must have a variety of choices and easily available online payment options to keep up with the pace. Given the nature of high-risk companies and a large number of unsuccessful transactions in certain business models, it is always best to maintain choices open.

Furthermore, if the nature of your business necessitates the addition of a few more features, payment gateways may be selected and connected properly. For example, if one payment gateway offers lower transaction rates in the most widely used payment ways than the other payment gateway but lacks the Payout functionality, you may integrate that other payment gateway to make use of that added functionality.

Good Customer Impact

Including several payments, channels can improve the entire buying experience. The last stage is when the buyer pays after all of the searchings, selecting, and completing of the goods. You must also ensure that they pay and do not abandon the cart. It also has an impact on client retention. Make certain that you have included all of the functionality that the buyer demands.

Furthermore, payment gateways serve not only as your payment partner but also as the public face of your company. Customer service is provided by the best payment gateway solutions in India, such as SifiPay, to both merchants and their consumers. This has an influence on the business's reputation and also builds the foundation of reliability, building client confidence and further improving the conversion rate.

Saving you during Downtime and filling each other’s gap

Furthermore, payment gateways function not only as your payment partner but also as your company's public face. Good payment gateways in India, such as SifiPay, offer customer support to both merchants and their customers. This has an impact on the company's reputation while also laying the groundwork for dependability, boosting client confidence, and increasing conversion rates.

It would not cost you anything more to use several payment gateways. This is due to the fact that there are payment gateway solutions accessible in the Indian market that do not charge setup or maintenance costs and also offer the lowest TDR. However, it is critical that you pick them prudently after conducting a thorough study.

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