Tuning can dynamically change the performance of the car empowered with TDi engine

by Paul Busby CEO @Viezu

When a person buys a car enriched with TDi engine his main objective is to enjoy high fuel efficiency and high power generation efficiency. It would not be wrong to say that the origin of TDi engine has played an important role in breaking the myth about poor power generation efficiency of the diesel car. Because today, if you move around you, will find that the cars developed by two leading German car manufacturers Volkswagen and BMW are highly acclaimed by lots of motorists across the world not only because of their fuel efficiency but also for their power generation efficiency.

In fact, it would not be wrong to say that today going through the hike in the fuel prices at the jet dynamic speed, cars manufactured by these manufacturers are highly preferred by the car enthusiasts who are struggling with an increase in the fuel prices. Although, there few complaints regarding their performance, but interestingly in recent years there decline in the number of such issues. This is mainly because of different upgrades that are nowadays offered by the expert technicians which are helpful in enhancing the performance of these cars, both in terms of power generation efficiency and fuel delivery efficiency.

To begin with let us start with TDi tuning, which generally refers either to upgrading the chip or tuning box. Upgrading any of these items results in improved fuel efficiency of the vehicle. If you are upgrading the chip then it would be simply removed with the new chip that is developed by the new program. Similarly, if you are upgrading the tuning box, then the technician will tune the settings of the engine control unit that is connected to the engine. The process involves manually changing the program of the ECU software placed under the onboard diagnostic port. Among both types of these options tuning the box is highly preferred by the motors due to versatile benefits offered by it. It is not only helpful in improving the fuel efficiency but easy to perform and the existing program can be easily installed back if the actual owner of the car sales back it to the second owner. It also does not affects the warranty of the vehicle.

Well, apart from this, another tuning option that is highly preferred by the motorists for improving the performance of their diesel car is upgrading the exhaust system. The aftermarket exhaust system is developed by making use of high defined stainless steel is helpful in throwing the hazardous gases in the more smoother way but do not damage quickly as compared to factory made exhaust system. There are lots of technicians who will either remove the muffler and resonator and install direct pipes for minimizing the limitations of the gas exhaust. This, however, do not much impact on the fuel efficiency but helps in improving the quality of the sound generated by the exhaust system and enhancing the life of an engine to a huge extent. The other option of upgrading the exhaust system is replacing the muffler with a new muffler, doing this slightly improves the performance of the vehicle, but incredibly minimizes the back pressure on the exhaust system.

One more interesting option that pertains to tuning the engine refers to upgrading the upgrading the air intake system. Doing this helpful in improvising the performance of TDI engines up-to 10% of its existing performance. Installing the new air intakes require small space and the incoming air is capable of occupying the whole space. The worth mentioning feature of upgrading the air-intake system is that it not only improves an overall performance of the vehicle but is quite cheaper than other mods of tuning the TDi engines. The only drawback of this system is that it is not available for all TDi cars.

Besides, these above-mentioned methods there are few more options that could help the car owners to enhance the performance of their car in a cost-effective way and enjoy its drive for many years without any discomfort.

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