Tuning Box or Remapping Which is Best for Your Diesel Car?

by Paul Busby CEO @Viezu

Undoubtedly, diesel vehicles are considered as the best option to cater with the increasing fuel prices because of their fuel efficiency. But, after few years of driving, say for five to six years there is a decline in their performance, which although is a natural process, but, this indirectly affects the financial planning of a person. Especially, in the current scenario, when the prices of fuel are hiking at regular intervals, it is getting difficult for the car owners with fixed income to cope with the increasing fuel prices across the world. Going, through this they start searching for the options which are helpful in offering some sort of relaxation from the problem of increasing fuel prices.

To find the best solution of this problem, they consult their car technician from whom they get their car serviced regularly. But, unfortunately, instead of suggesting appropriate solution of the problems, the technicians start taking the advantage of their problem and confuse them with different solutions and start charging high money from them for improving the fuel efficiency figures of their vehicle. Yet, after few weeks of driving the owners again start complaining about the decline in the average of the vehicle and therefore go through the same exercise for improving the performance of their vehicle.  In this way, they are compelled to struggle with their monthly expenses.

Interestingly, today, with the growing entrance of internet in our day to day life activities, today there are various online forums which discuss about the methods of increasing the average of the vehicle by installing the tuning box or remapping the engine. In-fact, it would not be wrong to say that in today’s date it has become the hot topic among the car owners across the world that which option is better for their car, i.e., replacing the existing tuning box or remapping the diesel engine, because there exists a intense debate between the groups advocating these methods. As the result of this, the person struggling with the performance of his vehicles gets confused, that which method he should adopt for get rid of his problem.

Keeping this concern of people, let us try to understand the difference between both these methods:

Difference between Tuning Box and Diesel remapping: A diesel tuning box is normally a box with bunch of adds on, connected internally with each other through with the common cable attached with main machinery of the car. This box can be installed by the technician having the knowledge about the car mechanism. The only thing to keep in concern while installing this box is to install it as the place where it can be protected from heat, water and electric cables, resulting in the short circuit.

On the other side remapping the engine, pertains to changing the program installed in the software of an engine control unit, that controls the performance the engine and other components. As the whole process is computer based, it is required to get it accomplished by an expert technician, having the vast knowledge of using computer for remapping the engine control unit. Because, a single mistake is enough to disturb the performance of the whole car.

The results: The results delivered by both these methods are almost the same, however, depending upon the condition of how old is your car, the results might slightly vary from each other. Along with this the making year of the vehicle also matters in enjoying the desired results. Because, the cars manufactured before the year 2000 do not have engine control unit, therefore, the only option available for those cars is basically changing the tuning box. On the other side, cars manufactured in the post 2000 period are equipped with engine control unit and therefore require the process accomplished by the skilled technician.

Warranty: As the tuning box can be replaced by the technician without any complexity, they are offered with the warranty of delivering the desired results for specific period of the time, after which, depending upon the performance of your car during the course of period, you can get the new box installed once you notice decline in the existing box.

The same is offered with the remapping the engine control unit, the technicians remapping the engine control unit, can further change the program installed by them once it starts delivering the poor performance. Therefore, in simple words it can be said both these methods are offered with a warranty and therefore beneficial for the car owners.

Conclusion: So, now depending upon the make of your car you can ask your technician to improvise the performance of your car accordingly, and if he is not aware of these methods, switch on to some other technician who is familiar with these methods.

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