Tulsi Neem Herbal Soap from moha for Acne and Scar Free Skin

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Soaps are considered to bear harsh and harmful effects to your skin. Especially ordinary, chemical-laden soaps. They strip your skin off your natural nutrients and moisture, leaving it dull and dry. It can contribute to the recurring skin issue of acne and pimples. This is why you should rely on the goodness of Ayurveda for healthy skin. And what better way to treat your skin than using the moha: herbal soap. An organic soap for acne scars and breakouts, it is formulated by Charak Pharma, who hold 74-year old expertise in Ayurveda. Blended with natural ingredients like neem, tulsi and aloe vera, the moha: herbal soap should be your go-to companion for your daily bathing routines.

What is moha: Herbal Soap? 

The moha: tulsi neem soap is a Grade A soap that has 76% TMI which takes care of skin dryness for all the seasons. It acts as a gentle cleanser for all skin types and prevents skin infections and allergies. Our skin is prone to dirt and pollutants everyday, which is why applying the soap can maintain the integrity and texture of the skin.

Unravelling the Benefits of this Tulsi Neem Soap

Packed with all the antibacterial herbs, the moha: herbal soap works wonders for your skin in ways such as :

  • Diminishes acne, blemishes, and spots
  • Prevents body odour
  • Promotes skin health and texture
  • Protects skin against infections, allergens and chemicals

Why Should You Use the Soap For Acne Cures? 

Revealing wonderfully soft, supple and fresh skin,  the pure, organic natural ingredients make the herbal soap for acne scars and skin issues, the ideal treatment for your acne.

Neem:  Neem has the best antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that does not let your skin come in contact with infection and prevents infections, thereby maintaining the skin health. 

Tulsi: Rich in Vitamin A and C, tulsi is packed with antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal properties. It eradicates blackheads and skin infections to maintain skin health. It heals acne and scars. 

Aloe Vera:  Powered by the blend of multi-vitamins and antioxidants, the aloe vera helps to retain natural moisture and maintains skin elasticity. Keeping skin dryness away, it acts as a natural UV protector and protects your precious skin from sun damages and sunburns.

Difference Between a Herbal Soap and Ordinary Soap

a) Chemicals vs Natural Ingredients

Ordinary soaps are made of chemicals that have been proven to be detrimental to your skin. You will find them attached on its labels. Some of the most commonly used ones are:

Parabens: Usually added to increase the shelf life, they are chemical preservatives that are used in the manufacturing of many beauty products and commercial soaps. 

Phthalates: It is an ingredient that is used in the production of plastic. Often called plasticizer, it is considered to be a highly cariconegic element. 

Petrochemicals: Petrochemicals have already been deemed as harmful and unfit for skin. It is proven to cause some dangerous, long-lasting side effects on your health. 

Synthetic Perfume:  You will find soaps having a very addictive fragrance. This is due to the addition of artificial or synthetic perfume and scents. However, these sweet-smelling scents have been linked to causing allergies, hormonal imbalances and acne. 

The herbal soap on the other hand is free from Triclosan and other harsh and harmful chemicals which makes it a complete and perfect family soap.

b) Method of Production

Ordinary or commercial soap is made in bulks. This mass-production contributes to environmental degradation and chronic wastage. Moreover, what many people do not know is that the workers in these factories are often subjected to harsh and poor working conditions. Since they are produced by machines, they add chemical preservatives for prolonged shelf lives before the product hits the stores. 

Herbal soap is often produced in small batches. The ingredients are sourced locally. It contributes to less carbon footprint as most of them use eco-friendly packaging. 

Being not only the perfect soap for acne scars, the moha: herbal soap is made with zero chemicals, parabens, sulfates and is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. 

So, it's high time to break up all your ties with toxic commercial soaps and embrace the goodness of the moha: herbal soap. Let your baths be as rejuvenating and refreshing as Mother Nature!

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