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Without a doubt, tyres have a bigger impact on your riding performance and safety than any other part. A tiny contact patch between your tyres and the pavement is ultimately what controls all of your power production, braking force, and steering input.

The market has been completely transformed by the development of the best tubeless road tyres, and many of the Goodyear Tyres Reading available today are either tubeless as standard or have a tubeless variation.

It is crucial to choose the correct rubber for your car since the amount of money that riders can spend on the best tyres and ultra-lightweight wheels might be completely wasted with the installation of poor-specified tyres inflated to incorrect pressures.

There isn't much you can do to change the rubber compound characteristics or tread pattern of a new tyre once you've chosen it, but you can influence one important factor: tyre pressure.

The economy and handling of your tyres are significantly influenced by performance, particularly pressure. Additionally, the tendency is toward lower pressures, which enable better dynamic riding characteristics, including increased confidence when braking and turning.

This is one situation in which tubeless technology excels. Running tubeless tyres has other advantages beyond the self-sealing feature that is advantageous in the event of a puncture, such as a wider range of pressure adjustments.

Tubeless tyres can provide decreased rolling resistance, which in turn results in better speed, comfort, and grip for many of the same reasons why wider tyres are faster.

For many years, all road tyres were tube-type, meaning inner tubes were a part of them. Due to the potential for pinch punctures, this provided a natural lower limit for tyre pressure. Inner tubes are eventually crushed against the wheel rim when a tyre with one strikes a bump and bottoms out.

In contrast, since tubeless tyres lack an inner tube, the only component that can puncture is the tyre itself, which is actually packed with sealant and is therefore fundamentally stronger than a butyl or latex tube. By virtue of centrifugal forces and chemistry, sealant will not only help the tyre stay inflated and on the rim in the first place, but it will also fill any holes created by pinches or sharp objects. A well-maintained tubeless configuration also has a higher level of safety.

The concept of tubeless tyres has evolved into a much more reliable tyre setup as a result of the increased variety of tubeless tyres that are now readily available to road riders.

Greater riding comfort allows you to maintain higher levels of peak performance over time by minimizing fatigue caused by road surface buzz. Lower tyre pressures result in a more comfortable and faster real-world riding experience, and tubeless tyres enable this.


Riding is more comfortable when the tyre pressure is lower. Road vibration is effectively transferred up through the bike when travelling at 90 to 100 psi, and it can be very inconvenient. A smoother, more comfortable ride is possible with tubeless tyres since you may run slightly lower pressures.

It's quite safe to run lower pressures on tubeless setups without worrying about pinch flats, and it's even recommended. As a result, the tyre can better adapt to the texture of the road and offer a more comfortable ride. A larger portion of the tyre contacts the road surface when the tyre pressure is lower. Off-road, in particular, this is advantageous since it increases traction and grip.


There are dynamic advantages in addition to the better ride comfort that tubeless tyres operating at lower pressures can provide. Powerful disc braking systems are now standard on many road cycles, and they perform great in the wet and can withstand incredible lever pulls, even on those long Alpine descents.


Every rider should keep in mind a few crucial procedures while using tubeless tyres to guarantee the best performance from any tubeless configuration.


  • Use a sealant to prevent punctures, but remember to replace it every three to four months since it may dry out and lose its efficacy.
  • Always roll the tyre after applying sealant before pumping it. This will make inflation much simpler.


  • You should only attempt to install a tubeless tyre if you have extensive experience. Use a bike mechanic at all times.
  • Never use a regular tyre with tubes in a tubeless configuration. This is extremely risky since tubeless tyres lack the stronger bead that secures them to the rim.


The ride will be smoother, you'll lose less weight, and get fewer flats, but you'll also spend more money, take longer to mount them, and if you're being responsible, you'll still need to carry a tube.

Depending greatly on the rider and their riding style, the value of tubeless tyres Reading is a fairly subjective matter. But at the very least, fewer flats translate into more riding and less worrying.

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