Troubleshoot the Most Common Braking Problems with these Maintenance Tips

by Roberts Tyres Auto Repair Garage in Sleaford

A primary safety component, car brakes are among those few elements in your vehicle that give clear-cut signals when they wear out. While some of these warnings demand simple fixes, others call for serious attention from experts to maintain on-road safety and performance.

Troubleshooting problems related to brakes

  1. Signal on the dashboard

Most cars today come with on-component sensors and dashboard indicators. When the yellow or red light pops up on your dash, it means you have a problem with your brakes and that they are due for an inspection. It is especially the case if the light for Antilock Braking System lights up.

  1. Vibration on applying brakes

Issues like these primarily occur due to uneven rotors.

Let’s dwell into brief detail of brake rotors

Commonly known as brake discs, they are situated inside the car wheels. When you press on the brake pedal, the rotors clamp onto the wheel and create friction to the rotational motion.

However, rotors become uneven and develop rust over the years. That’s why mechanics make the rotors’ surfaces smooth when you take your vehicle for servicing.

  1. Unordinary noises

A typical warning for faulty brakes, squealing or grinding noises are dangerous, and car owners need to treat it right away. The reason behind such noises is worn-out brake pads.

Another indication of broken brake pads is spongy and squishy brake pedals. Brake pedals must be firm to touch and press. If otherwise, you obviously have issues with your braking system.

Seeking professional expertise for overcoming such issues is vital and should be a prompt response too. Refer to top auto garages such as Roberts Tyres for troubleshooting issues regarding your car brakes in Billinghay. They also offer amenities in other parts of the UK like repair and replacement of tyres and brakes, MOT, etc.

Now that you are through with the warning signs, let’s help you take proper care to avoid these warning signs in the first place. These tips will keep frequent repairs and early replacements at bay.

Proper brake care and maintenance tips from Experts

  1. Giving a thorough and periodic check

Automobile experts suggest performing a thorough examination under professional eyes at least once a year. A detailed inspection ought to include components such as brake pads, brake lights, as well as warning signals on your dashboard.

  1. Checking brake fluids

Brake fluids play the primary role of converting force to pressure that helps in the working of its other components. However, the brake fluid has an affinity to absorb moisture over time, causing internal corrosion to the brake components. So, keep an eye out for the brake fluid. Make sure to replace it once it turns dark and dense.

  1. Replacing brakes at the right time

For most cars, replacing brake components, such as the pads or discs, are mandatory after every 20,000 or 30,000 miles. Take your car over to professional auto garages for servicing your car brakes in Billingborough. Ignoring the necessity of changing brake components will result in a decline in car performance other than creating obvious safety hazards.

Follow these tips to enhance your brakes functionality as well as longevity.

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