Treating Erectile Dysfunction With Shock Wave Therapy

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When it comes to our sexual wellness we always hesitate to talk to others about it. Well, sexual disorders are very common these days and there are numerous treatments for it. One of the sexual conditions found in men is erectile dysfunction. Let us know what it is and how it occurs and how it can be treated with shock wave therapy.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction occurs when a man is not able to achieve or hold an erection while physical intimacy. Ii is common with aging but it can occur to any man of any age group. There are numerous ways of treating erectile dysfunction (ED). Shockwave therapy is one of the prompt ways of treatment for the underlying physical causes of ED.

Aside from penile implant and lifestyle changes, techniques such as medications and injunctions represent on-demand treatment options for erectile dysfunction Mansfield. Shockwave therapy can be a better option among them all. Inadequate blood supply to the penis is one of the common causes of this underlying condition of ED, which is called vasculogenic ED. Shockwave therapy is the best-suited treatment for the man suffering this condition, as many shock wave specialist believe it helps in increasing blood supply, and eventually one can achieve a firm erection during sexual intercourse. In this article, we are going to discuss how shockwave therapy treats erectile dysfunction so keep on reading to learn more about it. How shockwave therapy works, benefits, and potential risks if any associated with it.

What is shockwave therapy?

It is an alternative, non-invasive treatment of treating erectile dysfunction. It is one of the best methods that has recently emerged over the last decade. Practitioners may refer to shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction as low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave treatment (LI-ESWT) for this underlying physical disorder. Though it is a safe way for treating ED continued research is going on the effects of LI-ESWT to determine that it is a successful treatment option

How does it work?

LI-ESWT for erectile dysfunction works by providing low-intensity shock waves to the penis. A practitioner uses a handheld probe to administer these. A gel is applied as an interface to conduct the shock pulses. There is no need for an anesthetic for the treatment but one can experience a tingling sensation in the area of treatment.

A practitioner is used to apply a set amount of shocks per minute, for a fixed interval of time. This session lasts for 15-20 minutes, and usually, people require repeat treatments to vanish ED. The energy from shock wave treatment helps to stimulate new blood vessel growth through a process known as angiogenesis. This increase in penile blood flow results in achieving a firm erection for physical intercourse.

LI-ESWT may also help in the improvement and effectiveness of pde5 inhibitors. These are oral drugs for treating erectile dysfunction. Numerous erectile dysfunction clinics in Massachusetts provides shock wave therapy for the treatment of ED in men.

A 2017 study had thorough research on the effects of erectile dysfunction in more than 700 people. Every one of them received 20 minutes of the session for five weeks. Some of them had additional drugs that also treat ED. The study concludes that LI-ESWT showed more significant results and improvement in erection quality in people with and without additional medications.

A month after the sessions, there was a minute decrease in the improvements. A Shockwave therapy specialist suggests that a longer duration may provide better as well as long-lasting results.

Last word

Penile shockwave therapy is still an experimantle since it is a relatively new therapy among others with no long-term data. However, the results obtained are pretty impressive from the test. Though, more research is required to have accurate knowledge about the effectiveness as a treatment for erectile dysfunction.

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