How Shockwave Therapy Impacts The Quality Of Erection?

by Willian James Health and Wellness
If you are struggling with erectile dysfunction, then you are right to wonder about how shockwave therapy impacts the quality of erection. Treating erectile dysfunction is complicated; add in emotional stuff like frustration and hope. You know the toughest thing is to figure out what to do. Shockwave therapy’s newest approach is making waves in the medical industry. It is known as shockwave therapy. You might have come across the term seen ads over the internet or TV.

Maybe shockwave therapy deserves all the hype it is getting these days, maybe it does not: more comprehensive research is needed to conclude this. Yet, it does not require any pills and pumps or injections, and there are no possible side effects of it though the food and drug administration have not approved shockwave therapy as a treatment for ED. According to numerous shockwave therapy specialist, it can be one of the best treatment for erectile dysfunction. Here the good news is that shock wave therapy is a non-invasive treatment, and it does not seem to cause any harm.

However: Despite what the enthusiastic commercials and youtube videos say, there is not a clear picture of how shockwave therapy works as an erectile dysfunction treatment. Even this is not clear which age group of men benefits the most. Shock wave therapy specialist is not able to give percentages of real success yet, nor they can predict how long the treatment’s effect will last. However, the statement that it works on everybody equally is highly questionable as it can be the voice and hope for thousands of men.

How shockwave therapy impact erection? 

It is a low-intensity, extracorporeal shockwave therapy, a machine that gives acoustic signal waves and a shock to tissues, similar to a lithotripsy machine that treats kidney stones. The idea is that you can generate a mechanical energy effect on tissues and can get potential benefits by stimulating the growth of new blood vessels (angiogenesis) in the male sexual organ (penis). The stimulation of local chemical factors in the tissues - growth factor, paracrine signaling (cell-to-cell communication), maybe even somehow activates stem cells. In the world of sexual medicine, there have been some studies and literature reports presented at national meetings for the past few years on the potential role of shockwave therapy in men with ED. Till now, shockwave therapy for treating ED is a buzz word.


Well, yes, it is one of the best therapy for treating ED. But the problem is it is very controversial. Does it work for treating ED? That is a big unsolved query. There are many pieces of evidence of long-term benefits in men with mild to moderate ED. But the treatment outcomes remains investigational.

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