Torque wrench usage and precautions

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Torque wrenches are an indispensable repair tool in automobile maintenance. Whether it is an engine overhaul or the daily maintenance of the car, how do you use torque wrenches and how do you read torque wrench readings? What should be paid attention to when using the torque wrench, I believe many friends do not know, then let's take a look at it together.


How to use a preset torque wrench

1. Choose a torque wrench with a suitable range, factory wrench
In the use of force wrenches, first of all, according to the requirements of the workpiece to be measured, a torque wrench of the moderate range should be selected. The measured torque value should not be less than 20% of the range of the torque device in use. Reinforced, the small-range torque device can not be used over-range;

2. Determine the preset torque value according to the required torque value of the workpiece.
When presetting the torque value, pull down the locking ring on the handle of the wrench and turn the handle at the same time to adjust the main scale line and differential scale line of the scale to the required torque value. After adjustment, release the locking ring and the handle will automatically lock.

3. Confirm that the torque wrench is firmly connected to the fixing and locked
When using a torque wrench, first connect the wrench square tenon with auxiliary accessories (such as sleeves, various types of mouths) to ensure that the connection is no problem. Before strengthening the torque, set the force value that needs to be strengthened, and lock the locking device, adjust the direction switch to the direction of the force, and then use the operation in rapid succession 5-6 times, so that Special lubricant can fully lubricate, making the torque wrench more accurate and lasting.

4. Torque wrench boosting method
Install the socket of the corresponding specification on the square tenon of the wrench, and cover the fastener, and then slowly apply force on the handle. When applying an external force, the direction of the arrow must be marked.

The hand should grasp the effective range of the handle, and slowly increase the force in a direction perpendicular to the torque wrench housing until the torque wrench emits a "tower" sound. (The preset torque value has been reached), stop adding force. One job is finished.

At this time, the torque wrench has reached the preset torque value, and the workpiece has been loaded, and then the force should be released in time to avoid damage to the parts. In the process of applying force, according to the national standard instrument operating specifications, the vertical deviation should not exceed 10 degrees. The vertical deviation should not exceed 3 degrees in the horizontal direction, and the operator should ensure that the upward and downward force application range does not exceed 15 degrees during use;

5. When large torque wrenches are used, a long sleeve rod can be added to facilitate labor-saving operation.

6. The measurement result is affected by the deviation between the horizontal and vertical directions. During the measurement, a vertical downward stable force value should be applied to the force holding end, and then the force is manually added so that the use-value is more accurate.

7. A wrench is a measuring tool. It should be handled lightly and cannot be replaced by a hammer. When not in use, please pay attention to setting the torque to the minimum value and store it in a dry place. The torque range is relatively wide. When reinforcing the torque, it is relatively simple. You only need to set the required torque value to operate.

8. If it is not used for a long time, adjust the scale ruled line to the minimum torque value. Helps ensure the accuracy of torque

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Torque wrench reading method

Wrench reading:
If it is a torque instrument with a watch, directly read the data indicated by the pointer as the measured data value; if it is a sleeve with a sub-scale indicator, the scale value on the main scale should be read first, and then the sub-scale or differential cylinder The sum of the scale values ​​is the measured data value.

Torque size = torque main scale indicator line reading size + differential scale reading size

After adjustment, the locking ring at the lower end of the handle must be pressed back to lock the torque value.
You can control the twisting direction of the torque wrench; the scale of the wrench rod on the right and the circle of numbers on the handle represent the torque range of the wrench, and the unit is Nm. It can be seen that the maximum torque value of this wrench is 210, and it is 200, 190 and so on in turn. The distance between each scale is 10 Nm; the 10 Nm in the middle should be controlled by the circle on the handle. See the numbers 0, 8, 6, 4, etc. engraved on it.

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