Recording Torque of A Rotating Shaft Using A Torque Transducer

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Efficiency is the need of the hour of our modern society as we all humans wish everything meet the criteria of “perfection.” However, even after so much of advancements in the manufacturing and the automotive sectors, it is still next to impossible to make anything perfect.

Torque Transducers

However, one thing we can do is to pay great emphasis on the rotating objects used in the power and the manufacturing industries to achieve optional results. And, the simplest means to achieve that is by analysing the torque acting on these rotating objects, this way the value of downtime will be reduced significantly, the quality of the overall system, will enhance, and its efficiency will improve. The torque determines the horsepower of a product, and it further defines the efficiency.

Before we move any further, it is quite imperative to know what torque is all about, is applied externally or generated internally, scroll down to know everything about it-

What is Torque?

Torque is the force applied to rotate an object about its axis. There are two broad categories of the torque force, one is termed as Reaction Torque, which doesn't have the freedom to rotate. One example of this type is the process of screen driving where the driver forces the screw to rotate while being not free to rotate. On the other hand, the second type is the Rotational Torque, which gives an object the freedom to the object to move freely, one example of this category is the motor drives.

The Importance of Measuring Torque

The measurement of the torque is a crucial factor in determining the seamless functionality of the product, or simple words controlling the entire process of movement. This is quite crucial, otherwise, if the torque is more than the requirement to run the system, it may lead to immediate damage or long-term wear and tear. There are several examples of this in the manufacturing industry,  drive trains,  hydraulic motors, gear drives to name a few. Whereas, gas and steam turbines, are two prominent examples for the in-plant applications of torque measurement.

How to Measure Torque Using a Torque Transducer?

Commonly pronounced as a torque meter, the torque transducer is equipment widely used for the automotive industry is to used to simply record the real-time values of torques on a rotating shaft. Over the years the headways in the vertical of torque measurement, have made the transducers efficient and impeccable than ever. Measuring torque using them has become simpler. They come both as external attachment o the system or can be fixed permanently for continuous monitoring. These devices record both the static and the dynamic torque. The former one here is quite easy to record, compare to the other types, which require the transfer of some effect from the shaft which is under observation.


At the end of it all, from the above, you probably have got a clear idea about the importance and procedure to measure torque using a torque transducer.

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