Topics for Starting a Business Blog that Covers Important Issues

by Ronald Wolf Business Consultant

The successfulness of your blogging efforts depends on two things: the quality of your writing and the interest of your audience. As for the quality, this feature is, more or less, self-explanatory, whereas the interest of your audience might further get divided into the popularity of the niche and the value you add to your readers. One of the most lucrative categories you can get involved in is business.

The problem a lot of bloggers have when they decide to get involved with this industry is the lack of expertise and, therefore, self-confidence. Still, do you need a Ph.D. in economics in order to start covering important issues of the business world? Of course not! In fact, as a blogger, you’re running a small enterprise of your own (so to speak), which means that with a bit of research you can become quite competent to tackle these issues. Here are some of the topics you want to use as your starting point.

  • E-commerce trends

If you, as a blogger, also sell some of your own merchandise on your blog, you might find this topic particularly interesting. First of all, it will imply that you no longer need to go through a third-party platform when selling your own items, which brings numerous advantages on its own (mostly profits and legitimacy). The topic of e-commerce trends is enormous and it is virtually impossible for you to run out of things to write about. M-commerce, voice search optimization and the rise of a community-led brand are just some of the issues you can make a brief mention of.

  • Labor migration

With all the political migration that takes place around the world, people have almost forgotten that for centuries now, labor migration has been the main cause of a massive demographic relocation. Urbanization is just one tiny fraction of this process, seeing as how it started its massive swing once cities became massive industrial centers.

Nowadays in the era of startups, SMEs and telecommuting, people are still moving between countries and continents in order look for more lucrative job opportunities. Still, this requires a lot of paperwork and legal groundwork, which is why you might want to look for some of the most successful immigration lawyers and ask them to give you a piece of their mind on the subject.

  • Instagram marketing

Another thing that seems to be on everyone’s mind in the business world is social media marketing. Nevertheless, in the year 2018, it is no longer good enough to try and tackle this topic as a whole. As they become more proficient in social media marketing, your readers will start to inquire about specifics of major networks. For instance, they will want to know how to create a great bio, how to make a username that contains a keyword and how to use relevant hashtags to boost their reach. Apart from this, you can also deal with some issues they know virtually nothing about, like the fact that they shouldn’t overuse hashtags and why they should stick to 5 or 6 of them per post.

  • Outsourcing

Never before was outsourcing as simple and efficient as it is today, yet, a lot of small entrepreneurs still dread this trend. By properly covering this topic, you might be able to shed some light on this important topic. You can start by listing most commonly outsourced tasks like marketing, IT, HR and customer relations and then proceed about the cost-effectiveness of this trend. Moreover, there are some factors that can’t be precisely measured, like the value of swiftness and expertise. Here, you can go ahead and give your own opinion. Nonetheless, try to make it abundantly clear that this is merely your own stance on the topic.

  • Podcasts

Finally, one of the most interesting topics in present-day marketing is the issue of podcasts, as well as the value that they can add to your brand. It is already scientifically proven that podcasts tend to captivate the attention of your audience but it now appears that audio is one of the most intimate forms of media. The reason behind this is the fact that it allows the listener to build their own images and, in this way, have an easier time of embracing other people’s ideas as their own. As for the efficiency of this trend in creating brand loyalty, about 80 percent of all podcast audience listens to all (or at least most) episodes of a single podcast.

In conclusion

In the introduction, we mentioned the idea of adding a value to your readers, however, what we omitted was the value that you, yourself, stand to gain from this kind of blogging. As you can see, there is a ton of research, polling and even expert tutoring (in a way) involved here, which means that you stand to grow as a person, a blogger, and an expert. Sure, you may not come to apply all of this knowledge, however, some of the tricks you learn along the way may become applicable to your own blog (especially those parts revolving around marketing and social networks). The more you know, the more your worth.

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