The Best Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

by Ronald Wolf Business Consultant


The internet is growing at an astonishing rate. The amount of pages that are emerging daily is mind-boggling, to say the least. What comes along as a problem with this occurrence is the amount of work that must be done to attract visitors that will score conversions for your business. Many people see this as a never-ending struggle - which it is. Marketing has always been a bit carrot-on-a-stick like.

Don’t shy away from this challenge. Even though many solve their problems with marketing and visibility via money, there are still some steps you can take that are cash-free and closely tied to the fundamentals of running a website that you could be doing wrong. Below I will list some of the ways that can attract some serious traffic if done correctly.

Use hashtags

While they may seem like a trivial thing to do, there is a firm underlying benefit of using a hashtag to promote related things for your business. Hashtags are also great for establishing a brand identity and consumer interaction. Remember, the important part here is that your consumers’ network is also your own.

Sharing your content across an individuals feed will drastically extend your potential reach and brand awareness. Losing out on a potential this big screams of missed opportunity and should be exploited, especially if you already have a loyal fan base of some online capacity.

Headlines are key

This one is more of a journalist thing, but critically important. People don’t give content a change on the Internet - they give it a glance. A glance has an opportunity to spark interest or boring rejection, the reaction arriving from such a glance is up to you. Doing quality headlines is almost a full-time job.

Consider all the angles you’ve taken when writing your headlines. Always think to yourself could the headline transfer the message, and if it does - is it fitting for the text? So many things can go wrong it is best just to keep on grinding until you find yourself in the desired form.

Create quality content

Experts that inspire many within your field or industry are desperate to share their knowledge and influence - much like yourself with your website. Use that to your advantage and offer a quid pro quo. Interview them or do a reportage that will attract your mutual audience and effectively increase the reach of both involving parties.

If you are shy, please reconsider. Many people you might consider unreachable or with better things to do are literally just waiting to be interviewed. No one bites over the internet - send a message and see what happens - after a few calls you should be getting lucky.

Optimize your PPC

Price-per-click campaigns attract many because they seem to offer a simple service for a simple transaction. However, this is the trap into which many fall. Your PPC Management must be on point to ensure you are not hemorrhaging money into a bottomless pit.

Handling the exact amount of profit and knowing where the conversion came from is essential if you are to know that you are on the right path. Be mindful of your output and how much of your profit is actually spent on marketing and if you see a return of investment through your PPC. Monitoring is the absolute factor here.


The Internet has exploded in so many ways during these past few years. The amount of consumers and businesses has increased absurdly. It feels like everyone has a smartphone and does something online. This allows more or less anyone to create a website for something he does and he will most likely have an audience for that online.

Following the rule of online exploration is key. Remember that this isn’t traditional marketing and you have to think through the eyes of the consumer in order to reach results and conquer the market - at least enough to have a fruitful business venture in the years ahead. Good luck!

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