Top Reasons Why You Should Quit Traditional Smoking

by Chandan Singh Blogger & Online Marketer

When we think of a cigarette first thing comes to our mind is a paper tube filled with tobacco and a filter at one end. When a cigarette is set on fire at one end smoker inhales the smoke through another end. Every person has their own reason for starting smoking. Few started early in their teenage thinking it as cool and rebellious. Few complaints their friend circle or work environment and few consider it as a stress reliever.

Cigarette smoke produces 4000 plus chemicals which includes tar, carbon monoxide, 43 of those are known to cause cancer. Most cases of lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are because of cigarette smoking.  Smoking damages all airways present in your lungs. Coughs, colds, wheezing and asthma show the signs of how badly your lung is been affected. It also includes pneumonia, emphysema, and chronic bronchitis.

All these long-term risks are not enough to drive you to quit smoking. When we are young we don't really care about the illness that may strike in future. Very few smokers care about small things like smell, costs or wrinkles. It's hard to quit smoking, it takes almost five to ten attempts to quit smoking completely.  

Few common side effects that can nudge to you quit smoking are as follows:

Smell like an ashtray

Who wants to smell like an ashtray. Not only your clothes and hair have that smell even your breath is particularly affected. Gradually smell and taste senses start deteriorating. Smokers lose the sense of smell that finishes the ability to taste as well.  

Premature aging

Smoking leads to changes like wrinkling and leathery skin. Many biochemical changes take place in the body that speed up the aging process. Smoking causes constriction of blood vessels result of which blood doesn't reach all your organs easily that includes skin as well. The result is premature aging.

Social Acceptance

All the public places are banned from smoking to protect non-smokers from the danger of passive smoking. Not just for smokers but for those passive smokers who inhale the same toxins produced from the smoke exhaled by the active smoker is very dangerous. Every year more than 50,000 deaths are estimated because of passive smoking. Smokers have to hide somewhere while smoking so no one can see them. It’s kind of embarrassment which affects both physically and emotionally. These things sum up to diminish their social acceptance.   

Impact on physical activity

Physical ability starts deteriorating over time. Simple things like using stairs or jogging become uncomfortable. Even professional athletes who smoke can't continue to perform well, because lungs and heart to work harder because of smoking which affects their performance.

All these above things can be avoided with a simple change "Vaping". Its an alternative for those who are unable to quit smoking. Vaping doesn't have tobacco, it doesn't burn anything to produce dangerous chemical and smoke. Vaping products are filled with liquid known as Vape juice. When you decide to go with this option there is something that becomes your concern and that is where to buy vape juice? A small heating element inside the device turns the vape juice into a vapor that is inhaled by the user.  There's no production of dangerous chemicals while vaping.

Using the electronic cigarette doesn't suffocate your lungs but lets them breathe and expand, being more gentle thanks to its vapors. For those who are keen about the dose of nicotine, they can also go for vaping with a safe concentration. It has many benefits like eliminating bad smell, stains or premature aging. With vaping, there is an improvement in how you are accepted socially.

Bottom line is, there is no better time to opt for vaping than now. In every means its exceptionally better than traditional smoking.

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