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Deccan Engineering Works is the largest medical implant manufacturer in India. We have been a medical implant manufacturer and supplier for over three decades. One of the huge numbers of plant manufacturing companies in India is accepted by us as an amazing market. We have an extensive portfolio of medical implants and equipment with over a thousand products.

Manufacturers are currently in great demand for medical implants for high standards of surface finish and profile accuracy and to support damaged biological structures or to enhance existing biological structures. Medical implantation is the opposite of implanted biomedical tissue. Medical implants manufacturer are using austenitic steel, which allows them to be pressed using bone fixation screws. Some equipment is made using marten tick steel which is harder than austenitic steel and lasts longer.Our medical implant products are fabricated using high grade materials, which are purchased from certified vendors in the market.

Basically, medical implants are devices or tissues that are made of plastic, ceramic or metal. These medical implants are designed for a specific application and are placed inside the body or on the surface. Many implants are prostheses to replace lost parts of the body, such as teeth, buttocks, or knees. Other implants provide medications, monitor body functions, or support organs and tissues. Some implants are made from skin, bones or other tissues of the body. Some are made from metals, plastics, pottery etc. Implants can be kept permanently or removed when they are not needed. For example, stents or hip implants are kept for permanent purposes. But broken bones for repair do not need to be permanently fitted with chemotherapy ports or screws so they can be removed.

Materials used in medical implants:

      1)     Austenitic steels - Austenitic steels are non-magnetic stainless steels with high levels of chromium and nickel and low levels of carbon. This steel is known for surgical practice because it is the most corrosion resistant when in direct contact with biological fluids. It is essential that the medical implant is not susceptible to rust when placed in the human body to prevent the possibility of infection. This type of stainless steel is especially effective as a medical implant in the cold-worked state.

      2)     Polyethylene - Almost all knee replacement implants contain ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene. It is necessary to provide a pillow and movement. Polyethylene is the most common plastic and is often one of the most widely used substances in medical implants because it is a porous synthetic polymer that is biologically inert and does not decompose in the body.

      3)     Spinal Screw, Rods, and Prosthetic Discs - Surgical implants in the spinal cord involve fusion from the front, back, or both. Spinal implants provide structural support under the pedicle screw while the bones are fused and the bone grafts can be either removed from the patient or one of the prosthetic bone graft options or extensions can be used.

      4)     Metal screws, pins, plates and rods - these planting materials made from cobalt and chrome. They are compatible with the body and rarely cause an allergic reaction. The plates are like splinters underneath and they hold the broken pieces of bone together. They are attached to the bone with screws. Can be used alone to hold screw fractures, as well as with plates, rods or nails. Pins are used in combination with other forms of internal fixation, but they can be used alone to treat small bone fractures.

      5)     Coronary stents - A coronary stent is a tube-shaped device that supplies blood to the heart through coronary arteries and keeps the blood vessels open in the treatment of coronary heart disease. Coronary stent medical implants can be used during a heart attack to quickly open blocked blood vessels and reduce the risk of damage to your heart.

We are proud of our manufacturing contribution to the advancement of medical technology to improve and preserve human life around the world. Be it medical, dental or veterinary applications, our services are sure to benefit you and your clients to increase your medical implant manufacturing requirements.

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