How to Select Right Type of Basket Strainer


Use of basket strainers in industries prevents the blockage caused by the debris in the flowing liquid or gas. Plugging up impurities leads to damage of some equipment and disasters, which can be unsafe and result in extravagant loss. They are used for a variety of fluids and applications where suspended particles retained of any size. In Basket strainers, unfiltered fluid passes through element and suspended solids retained inside filter elements.

Deccanew, supplier and manufacturers of basket strainers are important among the industries for providing best quality basket strainers that effectively protects process equipment against damage and we help to increase the productivity of the industry. We are incorporated in 1993 as designer of industrial basket strainers and filters. We offer high quality products at attractive prices fetched to many clients. By support of our clients, we expand our operations and supplying filters and strainers to different industries. Our strainers and filters products can match your requirement for air and liquid filtration.

Basket strainers are designed to destroy contaminants from pipelines. It can provide effective filtration if they are made from right materials and right size and reliable. They are consists of removable screen on top which can easily be removed. Basket strainers temporarily dislocate a system when cleaning is required.

Some tips to select right type of Basket Strainer

·        Property of Sediment

Essential to know the size and type of particle to be filtered, before decide on the size of filter as every fluid has different size to be filtered. Inorganic matter needs small screen to filter small sediments.

·        Operating flow of media

Speed of flow is considered while selecting the basket strainer, for a while 1 inch filter is compatible to hold 78gpm. And used with flow more than it won’t be effective.

·        Pressure drop of media

Pressure drop of fluid across a piping component is common, which occurs while liquid is forced through the filter media to remove contaminates, it alters direction many times.

·        Operating cost

Operating cost of industrial basket strainer is higher, automatic operation reduces manned requirement and the possibilities of failure, so it is clever decision to automatic self cleaning basket strainer that promises filtration without failing

Features of Basket Type Strainer

·        Easy cleaning element

·        Compact size and low weight

·        Low installation and maintenance

·        Design and testing international standard

·        Adequate strength of element and housing

·        Low pressure drop across the strainers

·        Interchangeability of component with another type

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of strainers, we can supply some different kinds of strainers as T-type, Y-type, Basket type and canonical type strainers. They are available in different sizes. Our basket strainers may be supplied with a perforated sheet with wire element. Our company strives to exceed expectations of customers in terms of quality and service.

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