5 Most Common Issues in Custom Software Development and Its Solutions

by Arthor Alberto

Whether you are a startup or a leading enterprise, your ultimate goal of hiring a software development company is to get the high-quality robust, scalable and high performing solution that accelerate your business growth. But, now the software development process is not just left as simple as turning your million dollar ideas into the realistic product by using the right choice of programming language. With the emerging technologies, innovative development tools, libraries and evolving automation, the entire software development process has become far complicated and challenging.

You may choose to collaborate with the best software development company for your next development project, but keep in mind that complex product development process comes with its own set of challenges. And these challenges can be encounter on every day and may reduce the impact on the end-users and lead to low user experience.

According to the survey report, 31.1% of development projects are abandon before they reach the final stage of the development. On the other hand, 52.7% of software development projects go over budget. So in simple terms, if we conclude these stats, then 4 out of 5 apps are rejected.

So what's the simple mantra to launch a custom application? 

Many of the experts will explain you the successful custom software development in terms that are planned well, has competetive advantage, faster time to market, fit to the budget, increase in efficiency and executed by the experienced team. However, apart from evaluating all these things in the app development, still, there are some common software development problems that every developer should need to workaround to keep their development project on the right track.

So here we have identified the biggest issues and solutions of custom software development:

  1. Undetermined Requirements Leading to Inaccurate Outcomes

Staring your project with the unclear goals is the biggest issues, which directly lead to the complex development process. Unclear vision not only leads to frequent changes in the coding but also increases the chance of having bugs in the software. Gathering your product information is more than having that best app development idea from your business consulting team. You need to understand in detail what exactly you are expecting from the development team and what outcomes you are looking for. 

Solution: The best way to overcome this problem is to carried out detailed market research to understand each and every aspect of software development. Here are the few points that you help you outline your goals:

  • What you are trying to achieve from this software?

  • Scope of the project 

  • Understanding the needs of the targeted audience 

  • Evaluate the needs and expectations 

  • Determine what technologies you may need for the product development

  • Consider the UX/UI of the app

  • Outline a proper prototype to convert your idea into a perfect practical product

  1. Illusory Budget and Time Estimation for Project Development

Poor project development estimations are one of the most annoying things for the clients. While it's highly tricky to provide the estimation of the project in advance as there are number of factors that contributed to the development time and cost estimations, but still clients tend to outline everything based upon these estimations you offer them at the initial stage. 

Re-evaluation of the project may interpret in a low level of trust and lead to client disappointment because when a reputed software development companies in UAE provides an estimate of the development project, then it should be more of ideal target time and budget instead of predictions.

Solution: The simple way to solve this problem is to plan your project carefully and estimate each phase of the development with a reliable evaluation tool. Secondly, it is worth collaborating with the software development company backed by highly skilled experts having the capability to deeply analyse every aspect of the development and able to calculate the real development time to offer genuine custom app development projections. 

  1. A Lack Of Team Communication

Inadequate communication with the development team can lead to poor development results. Miscommunication can cause delays in the project and missed out the essential features you have requested in the application. Moreover, all these miscommunications will result in additional expenses and time. And poorly crafted software will not meet the expectation of the stakeholders. 

Solution: The best way to deal with this issue is to define the communication procedure whether a client need to communication directly with the respective developer or a project manager will be the only point of a contact person.

  • How often you share the project progress reports with the client?

  • What would be the mode of communication- skype call, hangouts, emails or chats?

In addition, if the project manager will be the point of a contact person, then he/she should be responsible for providing clear instruction to the team, distributing the information without any lack, track the overall progress of the project and communicate everything with client in real-time.

  1. Launching Product Without Quality Analysis

Well, perfection in the software development is a myth and bugs are inevitable the applications. But keep your goal to minimize the number of bugs in the application. Afterall the major concern of every company is to launch a bug-free application to enhance user engagement and experience. To get the bug free app, your developer may cause a little bit delay and may take some extra time to fix the issue. But it is worth to launch your app litter later instead of launching it with a bundle of issues. Rectifying the issues after your product launch can lead to huge dissatisfaction and increase the scope of blowing up your brand reputation. 

Solution: The simple and effective way to minimize the risk of having bugs in an app, is to hire a quality analysis expert who can test your app on multiple devices to ensure its smooth working. Getting your app tested on multiple operating systems will help identify the bugs and drive better user experience.

  1. Lack of Data Security

Data is a valuable commodity for everyone, so every client is willing to pay any amount to keep their data secure with the developer. 

Being a developer it is a great responsibility on you to keep the client data secure with you, but unfortunately, newcomers overlook this fact and put their entire on focus on delivery quality coding and unintentionally create the security loopholes in their coding. 

It hardly matters whether its a new programmer or an experienced developer, nothing could stop the hacker from trying to hack the codes. So you need to be very carefull and should have integrated the security measures.

Solution: Use Parameterized Queries for SQL injection

The most common thing that hacker usually target to steal is the user's login details. And there are chances that an attacker uses SQL injections for hacking, but with the use of parameterized queries in the programming language, you can easily prevent the attack. 


To end up this blog, it is worth mentioning that these are the most common challenges that software development companies usually face in every small or big coding projects. However, with a clear focus and determined strategy, you can easily overcome these issues that may cause unnecessary delay in the development project. 

Hopefully, this blog has provided you worthy solution for the issues that you commonly faces with custom software development process.

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