Top 5 Design & Decor Ideas for Home Inspired by Boutique Hotels

by Shruti Sodhi Luxury Interior Designer

After a long and hectic day of playing tourist, your body is caressed by those luxurious cotton bed sheets, soft and velvety pillows. The morning awakens you from a pleasure-seeking sleep. You tread softly along the exuberant and coarse-textured carpet into the spa bathroom. The whole-body jet outpourings from the glass shower invigorate your senses and the French hand-crafted lavender soap surely smells adorable.

This is only an essence of what it’s like staying in a luxury hotel. Also, the vast majority of us are willing to spend our hard-earned money into such a stunning escapade.

So how can it be that when your trip is over and you slog into the real world of your own home, an untidy bed, a jumbled-up living room and an unkempt bathroom to say hello to you?

Tell me; isn’t it justified to experience even a little fragment of this extravagance in our everyday presence? It just takes a few little strides as specified below to achieve a lavish lifestyle at home, no matter the budget.

Follow the home interior design and decoration tips mentioned below to change the existing look of your home like a premium hotel:

1. A must-have sumptuous bedroom

Awesome interior of luxury bedroom

Your bed should become the dominant focal point when you’re opting for a hotel style. Your bedroom has to be flawlessly designed with coordinating bedspreads, pillows and curtains.

Get going with a caring mattress. Next, cover it in the indulgence of exquisite cotton bed sheets, pudgy and roly-poly pillows and a mushy comforter.

Bedroom with king size bed

You should plump for a King/Queen bed. Outfit it with a grand headboard to repose your head against. Two side tables, side lamps, a couple of cosy chairs, a desk, a lovely armoire for your dresses and a plus-size television – the design has to be meticulous and well-executed. Essentially, you shouldn’t economize on with your bedroom. Offer yourself the perk of opulence with a bedroom that you merit to wake up in every morning.

2. A recreated spa bathroom

Bathroom with Shower as well as ceramic bathtub

Shifting from the bedroom into your bathroom! You should set your foot in a similarly cool, tranquil and a posh decor. Think about the amenities your bathroom needs to be pampered with.

Modern bathroom

Set up a glass-encased walk-in shower equipped with full-body jets and a strong shower head. A Jacuzzi tub, a double whammy of deep sinks with oversized mirrors lit up brilliantly with glitzy wall sconces and a bountiful spread of soaps, scents and perfumed candles offer a pristine lap of luxury. Don’t forget to place towels that are as sensual as puffy clouds, a pretty shower curtain and a supreme-quality cotton bathrobe. Make sure to choose a warmed-up marble or tile flooring.

Fade off the lights, jazz up a refreshing bubble-bath and make believe that you’re in a celestial abode.

3. A lavish lighting fabrication

Kitchen area with attractive lighting

Akin to a hotel, your rooms should never look dark and drab. Rather, you can brightly shine them on with side lamps, chandeliers, art lights, wall sconces, funnel lamps and mood lighting in every crevice and nook.

Modern lighting in an apartment hall

Set about with large overhead lights. Reflect on changing obsolete overhead lamps with ultra-modern and sculptural light fixtures that go well with your décor. It’s also good to install a dimmer on these sundry overhead lights. Dimmers are keys to the notion of mood lighting.

Statement lampshades outlined with hints of gold add a wealth of gloss and glamour. Affix beautiful wall sconces and artwork lights to add snazzy luxe look. To situate a more uniform and elaborate lighting control, construct a floor to ceiling window.

4. A green and floral concoction in every room

Greenery in entry passage at a home

Flowers and lush greenery are graceful and vital elements that you can position in all your rooms. Neat and aesthetic aromatic arrangements can be extremely potent to our senses. However daunting and expensive they can be, try out and keep alive with a home abounding in fresh-cut floral beautifications.

Adding plant in bedroom

Most of the top interior designers in India suggest a cost-effective option to attain a green aura by simply bringing home some ornamental and air-freshening houseplants. Settle on orchids which are not only classic and gorgeous but also bloom in cyclic profusion. A large and conspicuous palm plant can deliver an unbroken impact when placed along an entryway inside burnt-clay urns or pottery units.

Greenery added in a bathroom having two sinks in a modern home

Consider including other organic elements. An antique vase brimming with spindly twigs, a bowl jammed with river stones, acorns, or glass marbles are all splendid and sure-fire ways to bring a luxe-up finesse to your home.

5. A spacious and well-ordered ambience

Contemporary furniture adding luxury feel in a spacious dinner room

Irrespective of how big or small are they, spaces are to be well-organized. Tables, bookshelves, cupboards should be outfitted with perfect knick-knacks.

Well organized living room interiors inside a home

You may not have any of the top 10 interior designers in India to arrange and augment the space factor for your home. However, to maintain zero clutter you assuredly can pick up cues from them.

Make use of baskets and fancy bowls to camouflage clutter. Shelves are utilized as choices to display book collections or artifact assemblies. Side tables can hold on to nice-looking vases and delightful lamps. Chairs can likewise be set up orderly in pleasant groupings to make way for talks and gossip sessions.

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