Follow These Top 10 Dos & Don'ts While Decorating Your Home

by Shruti Sodhi Luxury Interior Designer

What to do? What not to do? It is one of the most complicated questions we ask ourselves. Decorating a house is not as simple as it sounds. We have to make multiple decisions in various hues and shapes. Every question leads to allied questions which lead to further complication. The standard reason for this confusion is the cost involved and the shelf life of the outlook. An interior designing project does not happen often, and the final prospect lasts for decades.

This article helps you to understand the Do’s and Don’ts from the perspective of top interior designers.

List of Do’s While Decorating Your Home:

1.      Identify the best suitable furniture theme

Furniture forms a crucial part of any interior designing & decoration process. This is an evolving segment, and new types of furniture are introduced regularly. It is vital to identify the requirements and formulate a furniture theme. Most of interior designers encourage mix & match of items from the various eras, but it is advisable to stick to a common theme.

2.      Create your unique colour

Every colour has a unique impact on the wellness of the house. Every item utilised in interior designing comes with its colour palette. Some shades sync with the existing theme while others provide a contrasting outlook. Some of the best interior design companies in South Delhi are more than happy to create a specific hue to meet consumer demands. It is best to utilise this opportunity to build a distinctive colour.

3.      Keep simple as far as possible

Our house is our dream, and residential interior designing project adds glitz to the vision. Sometimes, it is complicated to select a few specific pieces. We would love a little bit of everything, and it could let to clutter. Most designers vouch for simplicity as they have understood that the essentiality of free space.

4.      Invest in art

The art is the acronym for the extensive world of colours and designs. All artists have their unique way of communication, and it is portrayed through their works. They serve as a great source of inspiration and worth every penny spent.


5.      Find inspiration in all places

We all look up to successful interior designers and magazines for ideas to decorate our homes. However, inspiration can be drawn from the smallest things. These elements can be a great aid in identifying the right design theme.

List of Don’ts While Decorating Your Home:

1.      Don’t be extravagant or thrifty:


The primary step to undertake while decorating your home is the budget. Interior designing is an expensive task, and the prices may even go up without a defined budget. It is important to decide the avenues to splurge and the avenues to save. Communicate this to your interior designer and prepare the plan accordingly.

2.      Don’t choose beauty over utility

An exotic coffee table or a sleek cupboard might improve the aesthetic look of the house. Will it justify the utility value? As much as we like it, it is crucial to give convenience more value than beauty. It is essential to find elements which will be useful and at the same time improve the outlook.

3.      Don’t underestimate the value of proposition:

Symmetry is one of the most essential aspects in interior designing. Always calculate the right measurements of the room and the items. It should neither be too big or too small. The items should not over power each other.

4.      Don’t over depend on artificial lights

Light plays a critical role in designing as they have both aesthetic and wellness purpose. Though there are modern lighting solutions available, nothing replaces the exquisiteness of the natural light. It enhances the warmth of the entire place and uplifts the creativity. The right glass and window to filter light will do the trick.

5.      Never hesitate to ask for guidance from the experts

Design and decor is an extensive field and there are multiple experts in the segments. Most of them offer guidance to homeowners, and this can be a valuable source of information.

Every advice you hear serves as an inspiration or a distraction. It is vital to consider them with an open heart. There is no need to follow them to the dot. You can create your own design and even start a new trend. However, there are certain aspects which disrupt the value of the entire design entirely. Pick and choose what’s best for your abode.

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