Top 10 video games of 2019: a crazy year

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The year 2019 will be video game or will not be! Big headlines are announced and are already abusing fans' patience. Action, adventure, horror: focus on the inevitable of the New Year. If you’re a game lover, you should follow this gaming news site. They update the latest news for games.


On the side of the FPS, we eagerly await Far Cry 5, an adventure/action game produced by Ubisoft, which will immerse us in the heart of Montana to face a sect advocating the apocalypse. This game will not be soft with deep America, it has already caused controversy. The gameplay also allows you to be the master of a dog that will help you defend yourself and rams weapons. An expected Far Cry is the least we can say.


Do not miss either Metro Exodus, the third installment of the saga started with Metro 2033, an adaptation of Dmitri Glukhovski's novel. In a post-apocalyptic Russia, you must survive by exploring a devastated world. The action takes place while the main factions of the game are installed in the corridors and basements of the metro and leads a merciless struggle between them and against monsters generated by the radioactivity.


In the action games category, God of War marks the return of Kratos in a universe of Nordic mythologies. His son Atreus will accompany the hero and gain experience at his side. Armed with a bow, he will be the companion of Kratos throughout the adventure and will use more magic than brute force. Who is the mother of Atreus, how Kratos found himself in Nordic mythology after the end of God of War 3 and especially where can come this ax with which Kratos fights? To discover all this, we will have to wait a few more months.


7 years after a resounding first episode, Rockstar Games will finally release Red Dead Redemption 2 in the spring of 2018. Back in the vast plains of the Wild West, where conflicts are settled in six-shots! The hero of this new story will not be John Marston but a brand new character who has been a part of John's bandit gang in the past. Featuring crazy graphics and all the experience of Rockstar Games with open worlds, we are waiting for this second episode with impatience! We can do more!


Curiosity will be called Days Gone and will land on PS4: an action game in a devastated world. The player plays Deacon St John, a bounty hunter determined to survive alone in this hostile universe.


In Monster Hunter World, an action / RPG game produced by Capcom, you play as a hunter who has to face terrifying creatures in breathtaking landscapes. Lovers of open spaces and thrills will be satisfied! Formerly intended for a fan audience belonging to a very narrow niche, this episode is one of openness to the general public. With an admirable graphic quality and much more spectacular than in previous episodes, Monster Hunter World could well surprise you and become one of the best games of the year 2018!


With Kingdom Hearts III, emblematic game of the Japanese RPG, you will find Sora, who with the help of his companions must prevent Master Xenahort to trigger a Keyblade war. Arlesian video games on consoles, this third episode is scheduled for release in 2018. It seems like we believe in it, that's why we put it in this top!


Iconic character of Nintendo, Kirby Star Allies arrive on Switch to 2 e quarter and allow you to bring up to four players for new unpublished adventures!


New Radiance Anthem looks like a multiplayer sci-fi RPG in which you and your friends take on the role of mercenaries who have decided to leave civilization to discover primitive lands and face the dangers they hide. The video below comes from the game still in full development but it seems from a title already very advanced. This explains the appearance of a lot of comments on the possible decline of the game in terms of graphics performance when the final version will be released. Let's trust and bet that we will have a similar visual quality!


Developed by Sucker Punch studio for the PS4, Ghost of Tsushima promises an action game in Japan from 13th century and in which you play as a samurai. The key word of this title featuring ninja is "freedom" because it is once again an open world in which the player will make these choices. These choices will have consequences and will influence the unfolding of the story. Sucker Punch, already at the origin of the saga Infamous, is expected to turn!

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