Top 10 Most Profitable Small Scale Business Ideas [2019]

by Anujeet Shivam Business Blogger

Top 10 Most Profitable Small Scale Business Ideas in 2019 :

  1. Online Gift Store 
  2. T-Shirt Printing Business 
  3. Milk Delivery Service 
  4. Social Media Managing Service 
  5. Wedding Planner 
  6. Online Selling 
  7. Wedding Photography 
  8. Organic Product Store 
  9. E-Commerce Niche Store 
  10. Grocery Delivery Service

1. Online Gift Store


Online Gift Store is one of the best small scale business ideas which you can start in 2019 with minimal investment.

An Online Gift Store is a kind of eCommerce Store where you can sell gift products like Customised T-Shirt, Coffee Mugs, Teddy Bears and more like that.

It’s also one of the easiest business ideas which you can start in 2019 with minimal investment.

Now, what you need to start an online gift store in India?

Well, here are a few things you need in order to start your Online Gift Store in India:-

  1. Good & Short Domain
  2. Powerful Hosting
  3. Attractive Website (Website Designer)
  4. Products to Sell (Or you can tie-up with offline gift stores)
  5. Shipping Solution
  6. Packaging Materials

2. T-Shirt Printing Business

T-Shirt Printing Business | Top 10 Most Profitable Small Scale Business Ideas [2019]

T-Shirt Printing Business is one of those small scale business ideas which you can start from home.

It’s also one of the most profitable business ideas which you can start in 2019. Now, how can I tell you that this business is profitable? Well, I’ve had some calculations for that.

A blank t-shirt will cost you Rs.60-80 and the combined printing & packing cost of the t-shirt will something about Rs.40-50. So, the cost of one t-shirt is approx Rs.150/-

Now, you can sell this t-shirt in the offline market with a price tag of Rs. 200/- to Rs.300/- or you can sell t-shirt online with a price tag of Rs.300 to Rs.600.

Where can we sell printed T-shirts?

  • Can print t-shirts for corporate events.
  • Reach out local schools, they might have some requirements.
  • Sell Printed T-Shirts online on Amazon and Flipkart
  • Make your own site and sell customized t-shirts
  • See if your local retailers have some requirement.

Now, you can calculate how much profitable this business is!

But, What do you need to start your t-shirt printing business in India?

Here are the things which you will need in order to start your T-Shirt Printing Business in India :

  1. Heat Press Machine
  2. Sublimation Inks
  3. Ink-Tank Printer
  4. Sublimation Paper
  5. T-Shirts
  6. Packaging Materials.
  7. GST Registration (Mandatory when selling online)

3. Milk Delivery Service

Milk Van | Vector | Top 10 Most Profitable Small Scale Business Ideas [2019]

Have you ever faced the problem of getting quality milk at the right price?

Well, I faced it and I know how big this market is! As I’ve also done a lot of research while I was trying to find a good option to solve my problem, I can tell you how big the market is and how you can jump into it and earn maximum profits.

One of the most popular Milk Delivery Service providers in Delhi is “Country Delight“. I’ve also personally used their service and I loved it.

Now, they invested a lot of money and also get multiple rounds of funding but I’m not saying you to invest a lot of money in starting your small scale business.

You have to invest as less as you can and ask yourself how can you make maximum profits from your business.

Now, in a Milk Delivery Service business, all you have to do is to tie-up with local milk vendors and get milk for them at a low price and pack the milk using Glass Bottles which costs you cheap and then you good to go.

Now, the last thing you will need is a person who will deliver the milk. You can hire someone for doing delivery works.

Also, a website is always preferred for any kind of business you are going to start in 2019 and if can invest some more into this business, you can build an app for your business.

I have a lot to say on this business idea, So, I’ll write a separate blog on this business idea soon!

If you want to know more about these business ideas, you can check out the business model of “Country Delight” and do subscribe to this blog so you will get notified when I publish a blog on this business idea.

4. Social Media Managing Service

Social Media Managing Service |

As we all know, social media plays a very important role in our lives and the same applies to Brands, Businesses and Public Figures.

They have to maintain their Social Media Profiles and they are ready to pay you so that you can manage their social media profiles on behalf of them.

This is a great small scale business idea and the best time to start this business is now, in 2019!

Now, what you have to do when you start a Social Media Managing Business?

Well, there are a lot of things you can do to scale up this business. You can also hire some people who will work for you and manages the Social Media Profiles of your clients.

Also, this business is one of those businesses in which you can get clients from all over the world and you can do all this from a small office situated anywhere in the world.

You don’t need a lot of money to start this business and even if you don’t know Social Media Management, you can learn it or just hire someone for your work.

What do you need to start a Social Media Managing Business as a Small Scale Business?

  1. Office Space (Optional)
  2. Have to lean Social Media Management (Or hire someone)
  3. An Internet Connection
  4. A Laptop/Computer
  5. Graphics Designing Knowledge
  6. Marketing Skill


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