Best Business Ideas for Women in India [2019]

by Anujeet Shivam Business Blogger

Looking for some good business ideas for women in India?

Well, here I’m going to list some of the best business ideas for women in India which can be started with minimal investment in 2019.

Do you know that according to the Sixth Economic Census released by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (MOSPI), around 14% of businesses in India are run and managed by Women’s, and the numbers keep increasing!

Before we start, tell me what do you mean with the term “Business“?

Well, in case you don’t know, Business is an institution/organization or an economic system which or where goods and services are exchanged for money.

Now, you know the basic definition of Business. It’s time to look at the business ideas for women which you can start easily with minimal investment in 2019.

Online Selling : India : Startup SutraOnline Selling

Do you know that according to the recent interview given by the head of Amazon India to Money Control, he disclosed that more than 100 of sellers earns more than Rs.1,00,00,000/- during the Great India Sale last year.

Now you can imagine how much you can make through Online Selling.

Starting an Online Business is not hard as well as not so easy. Online Selling is beneficial for women in India as you don’t have to spend a lot of time on this and you can start this business directly from your home.

You just have to give your 2-3 hours a day in it, and you can easily start making some decent amount of money.

Most of the online sellers quit within months as they’re not satisfied with the number of sales they got. You have to be patient, only then you can succeed in this business.

Online selling is a business in which you can’t dream of getting success overnight. You have to be consistent, make plans strategically, and keep learning new things. These are the key of success.

While there are a few things, you have to keep in your mind before you start your online selling business.

  1. Start with big e-commerce marketplaces like AmazonFlipkartSnapdealetc., as they already have a huge number of the active user base so you don’t have to struggle a lot in your starting.
  2. Choose a good niche in which you want to sell.
  3. Check how much competition is there in your niche. Try to choose a niche where competition is less.
  4. Try to list some unique products, that puts you out of the competition.

Here are a few things you need to start your online selling business in India :

  • GST Registration
  • Products to sell
  • Images of Product to Sell
  • A Good Description of products
  • Shipping Solution
  • A Website (optional)
  • An Accounting Software (optional)
Skills Required: Internet KnowledgeInvestment Level : MediumRisk Level : Medium


Blogging | Business ideas for women in India 2019

Blogging is one of the best business ideas for women in India for 2019, especially for those women who enjoy writing and are looking for business ideas for women at home.

You might not know that one of the top female bloggers of India “Shradha Sharma” is earning more than $30,000 every month which is something around Rs 20,53,500!

Now you can imagine how much you can make through blogging.

But, if you don’t have patience, this business idea might not work for you. But as per my observations, women’s have more patience than men and that might be the reason why women’s are competing with men in almost every field.

If you are looking for online business ideas for women, then this business idea is the perfect fit for you. You can start this business with the lowest investment possible and you can work anytime, anywhere you want.

When we talk about making money through a blog, there are numerous ways out there. Two of the most popular ways are through Adsense and Affiliate Marketing.

Here are a few things you need to start your blogging career :

  • A Laptop/Desktop
  • An Internet Connection
  • A Niche in which you can write
  • Logo for your Blog
  • A Domain Name related to your niche
  • A Good Hosting
Skills Required: WritingInvestment Level : LowRisk Level : Medium


YouTube | YouTuber | Business ideas

Do you know, YouTubers have above 50k subscribers earns over Rs.1,00,000/- in India. And it’s entirely on you how you use your subscriber base to get most of it.

Becoming a YouTuber as a woman is a wonderful idea. The chances of a women’s YouTube channel to become successful is relatively higher than a channel of guy. So, it’s easier for you to grow on YouTube as a woman.

It’s on you that what you want to show on YouTube. There are millions of audience on YouTube who love to watch your videos if you provide them good content.

You can effortlessly build your business through YouTube once you get some decent amount of subscribers; you can start selling your merch, you can do Affiliate Marketing, you can do Sponsorships and a lot more. There are infinite possibilities for doing business once you have a sufficient amount of user base.

Now, here some things you need to start your career in YouTube:-

  1. Camera/Smartphone
  2. Internet Connection
  3. Video Editing Software
  4. Laptop/Desktop (optional, but recommended)
Skills Required: Video Editing + Communication SkillInvestment Level : LowRisk Level : Low

WordPress Website Consultant

WordPress Website Consultants are charging $250 on Fiverr which is something around 17,149/- INR. You can imagine if a freelancer can charge that much amount of money, how much you can make if you form a company of WordPress Website Consultant.

WordPress Website Consultancy is a great business idea for those women who have good communication skills, can talk with anyone (which almost every woman can), and want a business idea in which the investment is low, but the returns are higher.

As a WordPress Website Consultant, you can talk to those businesses who haven’t any online presence as of now. You can also talk to those business owners who are looking for website development but confused about how and from where they can get their website.

Now, you can convince them to go for a WordPress Website. You can do that by providing them some facts & benefits of WordPress, Price Comparison between WordPress and Coded Website and more…

Once they agree to build their website on WordPress, you can give them a wonderful offer of WordPress Website Development which they can’t resist.

It’s easy and anyone can do this if you have patience, good communication skills, and have some basic internet knowledge. Don’t worry if you don’t have any idea about WordPress, it’s very easy and you can easily learn it. Go on YouTube and search for WordPress. Ton’s of the tutorial is available here.

If you don’t want to learn WordPress, then you can also hire freelancers from freelancing sites who build the website of your client on behalf of you. You just have to get clients.

Now, here are some things you need to start your WordPress Website Consultant Business.

  • Laptop (Mandatory)
  • Internet Connection (Mandatory)
  • Business Card (Mandatory)
  • A Good Looking Website (Mandatory)
Skills Required: WordPress DevelopmentCommunication SkillInvestment Level :LowRisk Level :Low

E-Commerce Niche Store

E-Commerce Niche Store | Best Business Ideas for Women in india in low investment

One of my close friends is earning more than Rs. 2,00,000/- per month from her E-Commerce Niche Store. She’s also a woman and starts her business a few years back, and her store keeps growing.

In an E-Commerce Niche Store, Because you deal in a specific niche, you can start your business in minimal investment, and the chances of failure are low.

This is one of the most profitable business ideas for women which you can start with minimal investment without taking a lot of risks. But in terms of running a successful e-commerce niche store, you must have to carefully decide your niche and check all the things before starting.

These are the things you have to check in your niche before starting your E-Commerce Niche Store Business: –

  • Competition
  • Market Requirements
  • Products you sell
  • From where you source products
  • How you promote your business
  • How you deliver the orders
  • What’s your USP (Unique Selling Point)

After deciding your niche, build a beautiful website for your business from where your customers can place orders. You can easily create your own e-commerce store with WordPress, it’s very easy and you can easily create one for you. Or, you can hire a website developer.

Now, here are something you need to start your e-commerce niche store:-

  • GST Registration (If you deliver outside your state)
  • Products to Sell
  • Images of the Products
  • A Domain
  • A Good Hosting
  • Shipping Solution
  • Website
  • Company Registration (Optional)
Skills Required: Basic Internet KnowledgeInvestment Level : LowRisk Level : Low

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing | 17+ Business ideas for women in India

HostGator which is a hosting company pays a minimum of 50$ (Rs.3,422.50) commission to the publisher for each sale, they have an inverted pyramid type system where the more sales you make in a month, the higher the commission for each sale, it can go up to 125$ (Rs.8,556.25) for each sale if you get 21+ sales a month.

Imagine, how much you can make by doing Affiliate Marketing of you can get over Rs. 8556.25/- for each sale.

Basically, Affiliate Marketing is a program in which you have to promote the products or services of a company and in exchange, you get some percentage of commission of the product price sold through your referrals.

If you are looking for business ideas for women at home or simple business ideas for women, then this is one of the best business idea available in 2019 for you which you can start with zero* investment.

In terms of establishing a successful Affiliate Marketing Business, you have to strategically promote the products so that people will buy it by clicking on your link. You can also run ads on Facebook and running ads on Facebook is not expensive while you can start your ad campaigns on Facebook in as low as Rs.50/-. Know more about Social Media Marketing.

Now, for starting Affiliate Marketing Business, here are some things you need:-

  • A Laptop/Smartphone
  • Affiliate Account
  • Internet Connection
  • Bank Account
  • Fan Page (Optional, but recommended)
Skills Required: MarketingInvestment Level : LowRisk Level : Low

T-Shirt Printing Business

T-Shirt Printing Business | 17+ Business ideas for women in India

T-Shirt Printing Business is booming in India and it’s not too late to jump into this business. No matter you’re a working woman or a housewife, you can easily start this business from your home with medium investment.

Now, If we talk about the market of T-Shirt Printing business in India, mostly the age group who prefer t-shirts are below 20. According to Wikipedia, India has more than 50% of its population below the age of 25. This 50% population account for 60 crores people. So, you don’t need to worry about the market.

But as there are already many businesses out there in this field, so you might have to face a little bit of competition.

When you running a T-Shirt Printing Business, you can also sell t-shirts online on different marketplace websites like Amazon, Flipkart, and more., you can also create your own website from where you can take t-shirt customization orders.

If you want to deal offline, then you can also do that. You can contact some companies and Schools and tell them that you are offering T-Shirt Printing Services. Show them some samples and try to take orders from them. For this, you can also hire a salesperson.

This business can get you huge profits if you do it with planning and strategies. And note that if you don’t keep the records, you might have to face a huge loss.

Now, here are some things you need to start your T-Shirt Printing Business:-

  • Heat Press Machine
  • Vinyl Plotter
  • DTG (Direct-to-Garment Printer (Optional)
  • Website
  • T-Shirt
  • Ink-Tank Printer
  • Sublimation Paper
  • Shipping Solution
  • Vinyl Paper (Optional)
Skills Required: Communication Skill + PlanningInvestment Level : MediumRisk Level : 

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