Too late to begin retirement planning at 40? Real Estate To Retire Event Launch

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Too late to begin retirement planning at 40? Real Estate To Retire Event Launch

Many of us now start to plan for retirement as young as 22 years old by asking how many rental properties to retire. Morgan Stanley Investor Pulse Poll shows that our young adults are anxious about having enough for retirement and jumping into action. 69% of millennials are anxious about making their money affordable for their lifespan and are looking to real estate investing as a solid wealth builder over time. 

“Millennials face retirement planning with gusto. Most see traditional retirement plans won’t work and seek out single-family home rentals for beginning retirement planning. This is the right strategy at 30, 40, 50, 60, even 70 years old.” -Adiel Gorel, Owner of International Capital Group

According to Transamerica Retirement Survey, fifty-two percent of millennials who provided an estimate of their retirement savings needs say they “guessed” what that figure should be for them. So, today’s focus is on how many rental properties to retire at any age for you.

Many of us are struggling to adjust our chosen retirement plans post-pandemic, and there is also a larger trend, a definitive mind-shift that's driving our psychology regarding investing, which has led to us asking, googling, fretting about how many rental properties to retire?

There is a new American Dream revealing itself before our eyes, and the dream is all about providing for our whole life as soon as possible, rather than the traditional 40 years and a gold watch retirement plan we all grew up with as the ideal. When asking this now pressing how many rental properties to retire question, the best part of the answer is that ultimately you are in control.  

And this new mind-shift we are collectively experiencing is: Retirement plans are the new “luxury.” Financial stability and retirement all set up for security and enjoyment are now seen as the ultimate luxury. When any one of us from age 22 to 87 knows how to retire in a way that will provide us with a good life, a good life for the family, without costing mental, physical, emotional, or financial stress we feel a sense of sovereignty. We feel safe, in control, and optimistic about our future.  

Adiel Gorel is hosting a free virtual event to reveal the best places to invest in 2022. Adiel Gorel has helped thousands of investors understand how many rental properties to retire at any age or economic background. Don’t miss out, click

At ICG, hundreds of investors have capitalized on the best real estate investing strategies to take advantage of; safely, soundly, and remotely. The United States is brimming with opportunity right now for us because of the 30-year fixed-rate real estate investment loans. Here’s the best part about this type of loan for you. You don't have to wait for 30 years to reap the rewards. 

So, how many rental properties to retire? Consider this. After 10, 12, and/or 14 years, your 30-year fixed-rate loan will shrink down to a fraction of the value of your home because inflation made everything else higher in price, except the fixed-rate loan. Inflation becomes your ally when you invest in a single-family home.

Many of us new investors start with one property and quickly see the freedom of choice it affords and then buy up to ten or even more homes. Often when we are at eight homes with the mortgages shrinking in the face of rising inflation, it becomes apparent what to do next. Suddenly, that question of how many rental properties to retire becomes a fun game we “play” rather than a stressor. It all becomes very clear and doable. You can sell two of the houses, pay any capital gains, use the remainder of the profits to pay off your other six small remaining loans, and now the six free and clear rental properties you have can provide you with a cash flow that is very good. This is what Adiel Gorel calls Remote Control Retirement Riches, the same title as Gorel’s book. Because with the right real estate investment loans you can now retire with six homes. This has had a huge positive impact on families all over the world who follow Adiel Gorel’s system. Of course, six is only an example. You may be happy with four, or you may be excited to have over twenty. Each rental home is another building block for you and can suit your lifestyle big or small so the question of how many rental properties to retire is entirely in your hands.

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