Best Real Estate Investment For Married Couples. Retire Early Event Launch

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Best Real Estate Investment For Married Couples. Retire Early Event Launch

Many almost married Millennial couples are skipping the big traditional weddings, with an eye on the future, and building wealth long term. Couples are especially eager to enact real estate investing strategies with money that would have been spent on a big wedding or another traditionally expensive milestone. The “new and improved big wedding” is a healthy retirement portfolio early in life, and beginning down the path to financial freedom together.

The millennial population sees this choice as empowering, even romantic. They call it the FIRE movement. FIRE means Financial Independence, Retire Early. This movement has Millennials gobbling up rental properties for retirement planning.

“Many married couples ask me, “how many rental properties to retire, if I am this age or if I have this income and want this kind of lifestyle? How many rental properties to make 100k is a very common question for couples.” explains Adiel Gorel, owner of International Capital Group

So, one person is only allowed to have up to 10 FNMA loans at one time. If you are a married couple, and each of you can qualify separately, then Fannie Mae enables you to take the homes in both your names, but put only one of your names on the loan. Ok, so how many rental properties to retire… becomes more of a game of how many rental homes to retire with more abundance in our lives than we had previously imagined! Because that in essence changes the number of FNMA loans from 10 to 20, on rental properties to retire wealthier than you had imagined! 

What everyone needs to be aware of, including the Millennial culture which is very aligned with how to retire with dignity and financial security, is that there is a huge benefit to being married even in the FIRE plan which some versions include foregoing the marriage for the mortgage.

Adiel Gorel, owner of International Capital Group (ICG) has helped thousands of first-time investors like you to make this vital next step in your financial freedom in a way that can provide you with a lifetime of financial security through economic ups and downs. He’s been doing this successfully with regular folks like us for three decades. Gorel is hosting a free ICG virtual event to answer the question of how many rental properties to retire and reveal the next most crucial step in knowing what are the best places to invest in real estate 2022. Don’t miss out, click 

Ok back to the hoe being married can boost your wealth even in the often touted minimalist approach of the FIRE movement. Again, FIRE: Financial Independence, Retire Early. Now the whole point is, that if both of your names are on the loan, you only get 10 FNMA loans. But let's say you make a salary from your company, and your spouse makes a salary, and you can each qualify separately just on your own strengths. Well, you can get 10 loans only under your name, and up to 10 loans in your spouse’s name. Now your family’s total is 20 investment rental properties with FNMA loans. If you put both of your names on the loan, it's only 10 for the household. Fannie Mae enables you to take ownership of both of your names as that is important to many of us. 

Ten loans may seem like a large number! But when we buy in affordable markets—when you can buy beautiful brand new homes for $275,000, or maybe even less—10 loans can be reached pretty quickly. So there's a benefit if you're a married couple, and each one of you is financially viable enough to qualify separately, Fannie Mae enables the married couple to buy the property in both names husband and wife, and have only one of the names on the loan. And for people who think that 20 is a super large number, we at ICG often buy homes for a price of maybe $275,000, and 20 of those will amount to only one nice home in Palo Alto, Manhattan, or San Francisco. 

Don’t let fear take over you when asking the question how many rental property mortgages can I have? Single-family homes as long-term investments are the least risky: 5, 10, and even 20 homes truly are within your reach, particularly in less expensive markets. I have hundreds of investors who have reached the FNMA loan limit of 20. In fact, if you're a married couple, and you have the knee-jerk reaction to put both of your names on the loans, resist it, because you may be wasting your best wealth-building moves on just because you didn’t know any better, now you can. Click here now:

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