Tired and Tested Reasons Why Pilates is Great for Your Mental Health?

by Pilates Body Shape Health Inspector

If you are swinging somewhere in your own imaginary cloud that Pilates is an exercise designed only to toughen up and strengthen your psychical core – that massive expanse and ultimate stretch of the region between your pelvis and your rig cage – you are not wrong, but you are also not entirely correct. There are other areas of your body for which these rigorous exercises can pose as an escalation to their improved and healthy state. Here we are trying to get you to try and think Pilates as a helpful workout that can help embolden your mental core as well.

Pilates Ealing

For those who are not privy to this tough, body-stretching and mind-opening fitness regime – Pilates is a set of 500 carefully controlled, structured, precise and optimally designed movements build to lend flexibility, strength, and mobility to your core, designed first by the by Joseph Pilates nearly a century ago and now have become extremely popular all around the world. Pilates Body Shape’s own professional Pilates classes Chiswick has seen an increased footfall of the people in the past few months.

Pilates is designed to perform either on mats, eerily similar to the likes of Yoga Asanas but focusing mainly on the prime region of your lower and upper abdomen.

It can also be performed in specialized equipment, also known as a reformer which looks like a narrow, cushioned bed with the ropes, pillars, pulleys, and a sliding base completing its functionality.

Pilates first became widespread amongst the professional dancers, but now can be seen performed and taught by the professional Pilates instructor in Ealing in gyms and studios dedicated to this form of exercise.

Joseph Pilates when first came up with his form of exercise regarded his method as “Contrology” based on the notion that the movements he has incepted during that time were formed on the foundation of controlling the body, mind, and soul. With the studies that have conducted on Pilates, many revealed that there are several mental benefits that come associated with these precise movements of Pilates. Our professionals and trained Pilates instructor Ealing too have experienced the positive influence of Pilates on their mental health.

Pilates makes your smarter

Do you know from the age of 20, our brain starts shrinking, not literally but figuratively. Our brain starts losing one of his prominent portions responsible for memory retention and cognitive functions. Earlier scientists stressed on the fact that we are only born with a limited number of cells. But now, it is possible to allow your brain to give rise to new sells and deplete its shrinkage. A  Journal of Physical Activity & Health Study has revealed that with the certain movements of Pilates, a significant and noticeable change has been witnessed in the hippocampus portion of the brain. With the improved hippocampus, your memory will be improved, risk of Alzheimer’s disease will be reduced, problem-solving capability will be enhanced and IQ will be boosted.

Improved Functioning of the Nervous System

When we walk, there are certain parts of our brain that are put into work, they function while walking. This activity of walking involves the brain to send an impulse through the spinal cord to the muscle fibers that allow us to keep one step after the other. While performing Pilates we make our body accustomed to certain movements that involve deeper muscles activation, the muscles that might have been in hibernation for so long to stretch their wings.  Your core is not just the display of 6 packs, it comprises of 29 muscles in total. Pilates Liven up those muscles and gives our nervous system a cleansing rinse. While giving our clients Pilates classes Chiswick, we make sure that each and every movement is performed to help their mind, body, and soul in the union.

If you are ready to take your journey of complete mind, body and soul cleansing, our Pilates instructor Ealing are here to help you lead the way. Get in touch with us today. 

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