Tips to Minimize Healthcare Mobile App Development Cost

by Med Responsive Medical Digital Marketing

The mobile app industry is growing rapidly every year. Mobile app development is the process of building and developing software and application programs for mobile phones and smart gadgets. In the business world, a business website and appropriate mobile apps have become virtually indispensable for organizations.

Many marketers trust that mobile apps are one of the easiest ways to connect with targeted customers around the world and a great marketing tool to improve the business. Mobile apps allow customers to have all information at their fingertips. These applications have become highly relevant for the healthcare industry as well. Over the past five decades, house visits have slowly transitioned to e-visits with healthcare professionals becoming more reliant on technology primarily to meet the demand for electronic and mobile access to patient records. In fact, the healthcare mobile app development market has become a $6.3 billion industry and it is expected to grow to more than $20 billion by 2018, according to mhealthshare research.

Tips to Minimize Healthcare Mobile App Development Cost

Mobile apps are quickly becoming the most popular medium for online content and are helping to establish a new normal for user engagement. Although websites are still an essential part to a successful online presence, apps prove to be an excellent investment for businesses to stay ahead of the competitors. There are many benefits for companies that choose to develop apps for their brands such as better visibility, opportunities to develop and maintain strong contact with the targeted audience. Today, healthcare providers face the major challenge of delivering healthcare services at a cost that societies can afford. In this regard, mobile communication and consumer electronics technologies can provide many opportunities for innovation and help deliver improvements both in outcomes and cost-effectiveness. However, developing a mobile app is not simple and businesses need to look out for various methods to reduce app development cost.

So, here are some useful tips that can help bring down the cost of developing a customized mobile app.

  • Be clear about your requirements: It is important for businesses to be focused and steadfast or else it can lead to inconsistencies between the actual needs and the work of the app development team. This can delay the app development project or even cost more. Find out the exact requirements of your business and document them. This allows the app development team to have a clear idea of the client requirements and develop customized apps according to the requirements. Experienced subject matter experts and business analysts will help in identifying what you want and correctly formulate your needs.
  • Consider outsourcing to a reliable agency: Many businesses outsource mobile app development to a reliable vendor. It is very important to choose a good app developer.  Spending money on a good app developer is always advisable compared to choosing a cheap agency. If your provider is not reliable or experienced, there are high chances for them to experiment with mobile app development. This may affect the quality of the app. When outsourcing, you only have to pay for the documented work hours whereas in-housing could lead to other expenses such as electricity cost and other utilities apart from their monthly salary. Outsourcing also brings you the best talent, irrespective of time or location.
  • Have a long-term vision: The conventional method of developing an app implies developing of all planned features and then testing the app and optimizing it. But it is important to have a long-term vision while developing an app. Incorporating all features into a single app may not be possible and wasting money on something that people are not interested is also a waste of money and time. It is always better to keep your first launch simple with minimum functionalities and take time to develop secondary features. This technique will help you to evaluate the market demand and test the target market, understand their involvement and obtain feedback.
  • Make use of existing templates: Developing a template from scratch is an expensive affair. Make use of existing templates, modify them and use according to your requirements. Instead of using your own custom push notification functionality, you can hire a third party.
  • Cross platform development: This is a great way to develop mobile apps and also a cost saver only if the app is not very complex, if it does not use native interfaces and if it does not require hardware integration. It requires a single codebase and can be employed across multiple platforms.
  • Maintain constant supervision and communication with the app development team: This is crucial to avoid any mistakes or inconsistencies and increased costs. Also, test every new build of your application.

Today there are reputable and experienced healthcare digital marketing service providers that offer mobile app development services, but it important to choose the right provider who can offer optimum results at affordable rates.

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